Another live eviction is behind us on Big Brother 20 and it was a pretty exciting night of stories and the new HOH trying to figure out who the noms should be this week. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers for all the details of what happened on the Big Brother live feeds after the HOH comp concluded! 

The feeds came back just before 10 pm BBT last night and we found out that Bayleigh won the Head of Household. Rockstar and Tyler were talking about the votes and how she doesn’t think he was the one against her. She is convinced it was Brett (it wasn’t, it was JC). Tyler tells her that he wouldn’t want to look that stupid on TV by being the only one to vote against her.

Tyler and Bayleigh are talking in the lounge and he tells her that he feels like he is in a weird spot. Like someone is pitted against him and he has to watch his back. She tells him that she doesn’t think it was him that flipped. She tells him that she thinks he was framed for it. She tells Tyler that she isn’t going to kick him while he’s down and that what he is feeling is how she was feeling when Swaggy left. Tells him that this is a reset week for him. She tells him that the only issue she has with him is that he has no loyalty to her, but she also doesn’t feel like he is targeting her either.

The conversation turns to him telling her that if she feels like she has to put him up, just to tell him (fishing for information to see if he has to use his power this week). She tells him that she doesn’t want to put him up, but she does want loyalty from him. They agree to take baby steps towards working together in the future. He tells her that he is a free agent and she tells him that she also knows that he and Sam are bonded and she won’t go near that. They agree that they both love and trust Sam. She reiterates that she isn’t going after him this week and tells him he made jury. Bayleigh tells him she wants to be the first black person to win Big Brother and he tells her that he will help her get there.

Everyone throughout the night was trying to figure out who the rogue vote was because the vote was supposed to be unanimous. Most think it was Scottie. Bayleigh tells Haleigh that she thinks it was Scottie that flipped against Swaggy (she knows it was because he told her it was him) and that she plans to nominate JC and Brett with Scottie as a BD option if someone is taken down with the POV. Bayleigh also promised Angela that she would be safe this week, but later told Fessy that she would consider using Rachel as a nom instead of JC after he tried to talk her out of nominating JC.

After talking to Rachel about not being sure about putting two guys up on the block, Rachel pushes back the idea of going up. Bayleigh then tells her that she will put JC up instead of her if she isn’t comfortable. Rachel suggests using Angela as a pawn, but Bayleigh thinks that Angela is too convinced she is a target and will go home, she won’t go for it. Rachel then suggests Rockstar, but Bayleigh shoots that down.

Later Bayleigh talks to Kaycee about the noms and Bayleigh tells her that she is worried that no one is going to nominate JC and he’ll coast to the end because of it. Bayleigh also tells Kaycee that if she keeps Kaycee, Rachel and Angela safe this week that they will return the favor later. Bayleigh tells her that she is going to stick with Brett and JC then and use Scottie as a renom. Bayleigh suggests that JC is a wildcard juror where Brett would be non-biased.

It was a long night with a lot of chatting in the Big Brother house. Aside from the game talk, Rachel, Angela, JC, Brett, and Fessy were all talking about Kaitlyn in the lounge (pictured above). Brett and Fessy were comparing “Kaitlyn” stories about her coming onto them, but I won’t go into details about that (you’re welcome by the way). Looks like Bayleigh is going to put up Brett and JC a little later today, but we will know for sure after the nomination ceremony! Stay tuned for noms!

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