The Big Brother 20 HGs were woken up early yesterday so we were expecting something to happen, but they spent most of their day lounging and talking. The plan for eviction night is still in place, but there was a lot of seed planting going on all day. Get all the details of what happened on the Big Brother live feeds right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The day started off with a conversation between Brett and Kaycee where Brett vented about how upset he is with Rachel for putting their alliance in this situation. If she wasn’t acting so paranoid on the block, knowing she was just a pawn, Tyler would have been able to use the Veto and Scottie would have been the renom. Or so they think that’s how it would have played out.

Tyler tells Angela and Kaycee that they should keep close to Rachel and watch for the other side trying to bring her into their group because of what she knows about Bayleigh’s power. A little later, Kaycee tells Angela that Bayleigh would have to use her power at the nomination ceremony, but that still allows them to BD someone even if she changes the original nominees. They don’t want Bayleigh to know that they know about her power, but this is part of their cover story for blindsiding Rachel.

JC and Tyler have a conversation about what Tyler would do if he won HOH. Tyler tells JC that he wouldn’t go after Fessy (side note: Tyler thinks that Bayleigh is trying to bait him into saying something bad about Fessy to use it as ammo to make Fessy nervous). Tyler told JC that Fessy noticed Brett and Scottie hanging out more so pinning the vote on Scottie would work this week. JC then starts wondering about what Fessy would do if he won HOH and Tyler tells him that he (Tyler) would end up on the block. JC doesn’t think he would go on the block and Tyler tells him that he will be BD’d then.

JC told Fessy and Bayleigh that he doesn’t trust Rockstar because she has been talking to Brett. Bayleigh doesn’t think Rockstar will flip because she doesn’t have anyone but them. After JC leaves the room, she tells Fessy that him and Haleigh need to stop fighting. Fessy tells her it would be stupid for Haleigh to flip on them. Bayleigh tells him that she isn’t worried about Haleigh flipping on her, she might flip on him though. Bayleigh tells him that he is making it really hard for her to defend him with Haleigh because he is rude to her when he is irritated. Fessy tells Bayleigh that he has already told her how he feels about her and he used the Veto on her so she should know that he won’t flip on her.

Sam and Bayleigh have a conversation in the kitchen about what’s going to happen this week. Bayleigh tells her that she is pretty sure everyone is voting to keep Rachel, but it’s going to be close this week. Sam says how is it going to be close if you just said everyone is voting to keep Rachel? Bayleigh tells her that there are still a couple of people who haven’t confirmed their vote with her.

Later on Bayleigh finally has a chat with Brett. Bayleigh tells Brett that he had a real chance to campaign to her or get to know her at all since they got into the house. She tells him that the only one who ever tried to get to know her was Swaggy and then when he was evicted, Brett never even came to her to be like “sorry this is happening to you.” She tells him it made her feel like he has no interest in getting to know her or talk to her at all.

He tells her that he is upset that she feels that way because that wasn’t his intentions. He tells her that after Swaggy left, he had to concentrate on his own game because he was the next one on the block. He explains to her that even when he was campaigning, he had nothing to offer her because there was no game talk prior to that. She tells him that he is an athletic threat in this house and he isn’t on her side. He asks her to think about who can handle the pressure of the game and she tells him that she will consider it, but then threatens to kill him if it bites her in the rear. She tells him that he also has some work to do.

After this conversation, there is a lot of hanging out in the yard and exercising. Bayleigh has a conversation with Scottie when she can about how the house is voting. She tells him that she originally thought that she wanted Rachel as a pawn, but now she is thinking long term. Scottie mentions that Rachel can be a problem because of her panicking, but that would also make the target on her bigger so that’s good for them. Bayleigh mentions that if Brett stays, he won’t come after her and he won’t go after his side of the house, so who would he target?

She thinks she likes her chances with Rachel more (probably because she will blow up Bayleigh’s power at the eviction if she is to leave). Scottie tells her that Brett will talk to him (Scottie) and Fessy and they can use Brett for a few weeks, but after that, he will be a liability. Bayleigh tells Scottie that Rachel told her something that annoyed her about Rockstar. She tells Scottie that Rockstar has offered herself as a pawn to the other side of the house which puts them in a position.

Haleigh and Fessy have a long conversation about their lack of a showmance and none of it is really important. Later Brett and Angela have a conversation and Brett asks Angela what Rachel thinks is going to happen. She tells him that she thinks she is safe because of the all-girls alliance (which doesn’t exist). Angela tells Brett that he should tell everyone in his eviction speech that Rachel told everyone in the house about Bayleigh’s power and add that there is no reason for anyone to try and win HOH this week. Angela then tells him that if one of them wins HOH they can just give it to Bayleigh and let her get more blood on her hands. Brett asks if he should out the all-girls alliance too and Angela tells him that he should and tell them that Rachel told him about it.

Bayleigh talks with Rachel about Brett going home this week. Bayleigh tells her that she is happy she had a chance to talk to him before he left. They also talk about the possibility of a Battle Back because Kaitlyn failed her puzzle and it threw off the headcount in the house. Later on, Bayleigh tells Rachel that she only trusts Rachel and Fessy in the house. She also thanks Rachel for not telling anyone the details of her power app (hahahahaha). Rachel tells her that she wouldn’t do that while on the block (that’s why everyone knows about the app, right?).

Before bed, Brett and Tyler have a conversation about Brett’s plan to out Bayleigh’s power and the all-girls alliance at the eviction. Brett tells Tyler that Scottie told him that he thinks the only way that Brett would stay is if Rachel blows up and it’s going to have to be a huge blow-up. Brett tells Tyler that he is going to start ignoring Rachel, which will start making her paranoid. He then tells Tyler that he is going to love his eviction speech. He tells Tyler he is going to start off by saying “I hope I have all the guys votes because there is an all-girls alliance and Rachel told me all about it. Also, Rachel told me that Bayleigh has a power app.” Tyler tells him that he thinks he is going to go to Bayleigh right before and tells her that Rachel told him about her app, but Brett tells him that’s not a good idea because then Bayleigh might think it was Tyler that told Brett and not Rachel.

The plan is still in place for Rachel to be evicted, but it’s going to be close. It’s also dependent on JC voting to evict Rachel, which will then be blamed on Scottie. Either way, one side of the house is going to be blindsided. If you haven’t had a chance to vote in our favorite HG poll, make sure you head on over and do that right here! I’ll have the results for you a little later. A brand new episode of Big Brother 20 tonight at 8/7c where we will be able to watch how the POV played out!

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