It was eviction eve in the Big Brother 20 house and surprisingly a pretty quiet one. There was a lot of chatter about who the HGs would nominate if they win the HOH later tonight. If you have missed any of the action inside the Big Brother 20 house, make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up! Join us tonight for another live eviction and find out if Rachel or Brett will be sent packing a week before Jury!

We started the day off with a chat between Angela and Bayleigh. Angela asked Bayleigh if Tyler said he would only use the Veto if Angela was the renom. Bayleigh tells her that it wasn’t exactly like that, he asked if Angela was the renom option if the Veto was used. He wasn’t suggesting that Angela should go up. Angela tells her that Rachel told her about being a possible renom and Bayleigh covered her tracks by telling her that maybe Rachel was just being dramatic because it wasn’t that serious. She made it a point to tell her that Tyler wasn’t targeting Angela.

After this conversation, there is one between Rachel and Bayleigh. Bayleigh tells her about Angela coming up to her room to ask her about the renom situation. Bayleigh asks Rachel why she would say something to Angela. Rachel tells her that she was worried about Angela’s reaction and that she was just giving her a heads up just in case. Bayleigh warns her that Angela clearly knows this came from Bayleigh and if Tyler finds out she said something then he is going to be upset with her. Rachel apologizes. Rachel then asks Bayleigh if she can borrow her Bible and goes upstairs to get it. She asks Rockstar and Haleigh if she still has their votes. Haleigh tells her, yes, but Rockstar jokingly tells her that it’s a really hard decision for her considering Brett is her best friend.

Rachel then goes to talk to Sam briefly and then to Angela. She tells Angela that Bayleigh just came to talk to her and asked her why she told Angela about Tyler throwing her name around. Rachel tells her that she told Angela to look out for herself. Angela tells her that she doesn’t trust Tyler because he is throwing her name around. Rachel tells Angela that Bayleigh thanked her for not telling anyone about her power. Rachel adds that they have to win the HOH in order to be safe next week. Rachel thinks that Bayleigh will use her power to nominate Rockstar and Haleigh (doubt it). Rachel also wonders why Brett won’t talk to her.

Angela asks Rachel if anyone else knows about Bayleigh’s power and she tells her that she thinks Fessy knows. Rachel tells her that the only reason Bayleigh told her was so that she would trust her nominating Rachel this week. Rachel tells Angela that she thinks Tyler will vote to keep Brett, but she isn’t worried about the other votes.

There is a conversation between Tyler and JC. They are talking about how Bayleigh, Haleigh, and Rockstar are working together since they have been in the HOH room all week. Tyler tells JC that Haleigh is the most irrelevant person in the house and JC agrees. JC tells Tyler that he really wants Rockstar out and that he is upset that she made it to Jury. They both think she is going to be bitter. Tyler warns him that he needs to stop throwing her name around though because she is going to want to come after them if he doesn’t.

The feeds went down for about a half hour yesterday for the HGs to study clips for the next HOH comp. Looks like it’s going to be a memory comp. Everyone on Bayleigh’s side (Fessy, Rockstar, Haleigh) think that it’s going to be unanimous for Brett to go home tonight. Brett told Kaycee all about his plans for his veto speech. He is still planning to out the all-girls alliance and Bayleigh’s power. He does, however, have some of the details of the power wrong.

There was a brief argument between JC and Sam. She got really upset after watching the clips for the HOH because it appeared that JC threw the comp. She is upset because she feels like she didn’t earn the HOH and it was given to her. JC is telling her that there are so many other things that they should be worrying about this. She starts to cry and tells him that she wants to make sure that she actually earned it. JC tells Sam that he is offended that he thinks that he would be that stupid to tell Kaitlyn to her face that he thinks she has been flipping votes and then jump. He tells her that he was really upset and frustrated that he fell. He tells her that she won that comp. He tells her there is no way he is going to win tomorrow, but Sam tells him if she wins then he will be fine.

There was a conversation between Kaycee and Tyler about Rachel and how Rachel doesn’t seem to trust them anymore. Tyler tells her that he tried to get details about Bayleigh’s power, but she refused to give them to him. Scottie has been trying to make it a point to tell Fessy, Bayleigh and Haleigh that no matter how the vote turns out that he is absolutely voting Brett out. He is trying to cover his rear in case the vote isn’t what they think it’s going to be (hahaha tonight is going to be good!).

The rest of the night the HGs studied for tonight’s HOH comp and had some chats. It looks like the votes should be locked in for Brett to stay tonight. The vote is going to be 5-4, but with JC being the deciding vote, it could still go the other way. Make sure you come back a little later for my eviction poll and predictions! Also, my live recap starts at 9/8c for tonight’s live eviction and HOH comp! You are not going to want to miss that!

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