Yesterday was a dramatic day in the Big Brother 20 house with the nomination ceremony, the Hacker Comp and then the changing of one of the noms by the hacker. Everyone is scrambling to find out who the Hacker is this week! Check out my Big Brother live feeds recap below for all your Big Brother spoilers from yesterday.

Okay, important information before I get into the Big Brother live feeds recap. The hacker is able to change a nominee and pick a replacement, they are able to pick one player to play in the POV and they can nullify one vote at the live eviction. They can choose to do any or all of these things. Keep this in mind while reading.

Here we go…The icon for “The Cloud” Power App that Tyler received showed up on the intercom screens around the house, the HGs started scrambling trying to figure out what it meant. The feeds cut during this for the nomination ceremony. For some reason, the nomination ceremony went on for two hours, but when the feeds came back up we found out that Angela nominated Scottie and Rockstar.

About an hour later, the feeds cut for the Hacker Comp. The feeds were down for this for two hours and 40 minutes and when they came back up, the HGs are all discussing the comp. Everyone is denying winning the comp and they are all trying to guess who it was. In order to keep the results anonymous, BB starts calling everyone into the DR which allows the Hacker to tell the DR what they want to do with this added power.

During this time, Angela tells Brett that she thinks Scottie is the Hacker, Tyler reports to them to tell them that he is not the hacker, and Scottie tells Tyler and JC that his fear is to get saved so he wasn’t eligible for the POV and is then BD’d (if one of the noms is taken down with the Hacker power, they can still be the renom at the POV Ceremony). Fessy questioned Haleigh on about if she was the Hacker claiming that she didn’t know a skull showed up at the end if you lost.

Right before the Feeds Cut, I got reliable information from our friendly neighborhood Reddit and Twitter leaker that Haleigh was the HG that won the Hacker Comp this week. Feeds cut for a few minutes for the Hacker Nomination Ceremony. When the feeds come back up we find out that Scottie was taken down by the Hacker and then Tyler was renom’d.

Haleigh congratulated Scottie on being safe, but he isn’t happy that he will not be able to play in the POV now and could be BD’d. JC has officially lost his mind when he asks Tyler if he renom’d himself. JC doesn’t think it was Scottie, but Tyler is pretty confident that it was (it wasn’t). Fessy joined the conversation and Tyler tells him that he is expecting Fessy to get picked for the POV. Fessy tells him if he is, he promises to protect Tyler. Scottie also promised Tyler he would save him if he gets to play in the POV (because Tyler saved him).

Angela, Kaycee, and JC are talking and they suspect that it was Bayleigh that won the Hacker Comp. Angela wants to go confront her, but the rest of them tell her that’s probably not a good idea. There was speculation here that it could also be Scottie and Angela says that Scottie can prove it wasn’t him if he wins the POV and pulls Tyler down. Keep in mind, Haleigh has joined the conversation at this point and is just taking in everything everyone is saying.

Throughout the evening, Haleigh asks Fessy to swear he isn’t the Hacker, he tells her it wasn’t him and reminds her that he thought she was the Hacker. Haleigh also goes to Brett and makes him swear that it wasn’t him. Brett tells Kaycee that he was suspicious of Haleigh’s questioning. Regardless of how weird Haleigh is acting, they still think that Bayleigh is the Hacker this week.

Angela tells Kaycee that her plan to BD Bayleigh is still on. She tells her that if the POV is used she is going to act like Scottie is the renom this week, but put Bayleigh up instead. There was an argument over some chips between Bayleigh and JC. She was eating some chips and JC turned the bag to take one and she yells “Ask!” and pulls the bag back. She tells him that he needs to start asking for things instead of just taking them. Tells him even when she was HOH, he never asked to use her bathroom, just told her he was going to. He tells her he was just going to take one and adds that he is just tired and cranky. She tells him that she just doesn’t like when people grab at her food. Pretty sure the bag of chips is for the house, not just her.

After this, JC goes upstairs to the HOH to tell them that he wants Bayleigh gone. He tells them about how she got really angry at him for trying to take a chip. He adds that he is willing to jeopardize his entire game to make sure that the whole house flips on her. JC also tells Tyler that if noms end up staying the same, he will make sure that Fessy votes with them to keep Tyler.

The L6 alliance really thinks that it’s Bayleigh who is the Hacker. Fessy suggests to JC that Haleigh might be the Hacker (ding ding ding!) because she has mentioned wanting to BD Tyler before, but JC doesn’t think that she would do that to them. Later, Haleigh and Fessy have a talk. Haleigh tells him that she doesn’t think they have the votes to keep Rockstar if the noms stay the same. Fessy tells her that losing her this week might not matter anyway. She asks him what his plans are if he wins the POV and he tells her that he isn’t sure. Fessy questions her again about being the Hacker and tells her that she was acting really strange when Kaycee asked her about it.

Fessy goes to Angela and tells her that he will do whatever she wants him to do with the POV. Players for the POV will be picked this afternoon with the POV Comp coming soon after. Make sure you come back for all the spoilers throughout the day to find out what happens!

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