It was Veto Ceremony day in the Big Brother house and we watched as Angela’s plan unfolded on the Big Brother live feeds! If you missed what happened at the Power of Veto Ceremony, you can get the results right here! You can also keep reading to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Monday’s live feeds right here! 

The day started off with an early morning wake up call to get the day started. Apparently, the HGs didn’t sleep very well because Granny came to visit Brett all hours of the night. Granny tried to get into the HOH room and yelled at Angela to open the door, but the door was locked and she had no intentions of opening it.

Feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony at 11:15 am BBT. Feeds come back to Bayleigh at the door of the HOH room trying to talk to Angela, but she yells through the door that she doesn’t want to talk right now. Bayleigh heads downstairs and starts putting some of her clothes into a bin. While doing this, Haleigh comes in and tries to comfort Bayleigh. Bayleigh is upset because Angela accused her of being the Hacker in her speech and told her that her “power trip ends here.” Bayleigh mentions being upset that she didn’t use her power, even though it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because Angela still would have been able to renom her. Scottie comes into the room and Bayleigh accuses him of conspiring against her with Tyler.

We then got a glimpse of Kaycee walking into the lounge and she seemed to have been crying. Wiping her eyes and breathing heavy. Moments later, Bayleigh walks in and says, “I don’t know what I did to offend you just now,” and Kaycee cuts her off and tells her she just didn’t want to be crying all over the counter in the kitchen so she had to walk away. They talk about Bayleigh being on the block and everyone thinking she’s the Hacker and she swears to Kaycee that she isn’t. Kaycee asks her who is if it isn’t Bayleigh and Bayleigh tells her she thought it was Scottie this whole time. This conversation ends with Bayleigh telling Kaycee that she quits trying to convince anyone of anything and leaves the room.

Before retreating back into the pink room, Bayleigh walks up to Tyler and tells him that she swears she isn’t the Hacker and she wasn’t the one trying to target him this week. That was never part of her plan and he says, “okay” and she walks away. She lays in bed crying for a little while before going outside and talking with Sam. She tells Sam that she is angry at Tyler because he said that her plan last week was to BD him. She tells Sam that she has never had someone look her in the face while she was crying and laugh at her like Tyler did. She tells Sam she isn’t sure why she is even talking to Sam because Sam is just going to do whatever her best friend Tyler wants her to. Sam tells Bayleigh that Tyler isn’t her best friend and Bayleigh tells Sam that she knows Sam and Tyler have a F2, Kaitlyn told her.

There is some chatting and JC mentions that he really wanted to bring the Pita Chips that Bayleigh snapped at him over the other day to the Veto Ceremony but when he went to grab them BB told him no food. Overall it was a pretty quiet day after the initial explosion. Bayleigh had some “poor me” moments like telling Haleigh she could just quit the game, but Haleigh tells her not to do that because there could be a Jury BattleBack and she could earn another chance.

The Hive spent a lot of time talking about who they would put up in case they win the next HOH. Rockstar mentions that putting Sam and Brett up would be a big move. She is convinced that Brett could be the Hacker. Haleigh says that she would put Tyler and Sam on the block together and renom Angela. Fessy and Rockstar talk later about how Tyler needs to be BD’d to get him out. Fessy tells her that he will put him and Scottie up together and then win the Veto himself and get Tyler out. Rockstar tells him to do it then.

Rockstar has been telling everyone that she trusts that Bayleigh isn’t the Hacker. JC went around telling some of the HGs that he can’t believe how bad Rockstar is at this. She should be using this to her advantage so she can stay this week. JC also tells Fessy that Brett might be looking to target Fessy next week. Fessy then goes back to Haleigh to tell her about his conversation with JC. He tells her that JC keeps coming to him like they are a pair and giving him information.

They discuss trying to keep Bayleigh over Rockstar this week. Haleigh adds that she doesn’t like that the other HGs are associating her with Rockstar because it’s bad for her game. Haleigh tells Fessy that she would nominate Kaycee and Angela and then try to renom Tyler or Sam. Fessy mentions that he would like to see Scottie and Tyler on the block together, but Haleigh tells him that if they can influence Scottie then they have Tyler by extension. Fessy mentions that the viewers probably love them and he thinks they are in a really good spot right now.

That was it really for Veto Ceremony day. Haleigh and Fessy plan to try and rally votes for Bayleigh, but even if Haleigh cuts one of L6’s votes, they still have the majority of the vote to get Bayleigh out. I suspect that things will get more dramatic in the house as the days go by and we get closer to Eviction Day.

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