Yesterday was Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 20 house and we learned who the Hacker chose to put in the POV comp. After the POV Comp, we knew that the rest of this week is going to be full of drama! Keep reading to find out what happened on the Big Brother 20 live feeds right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The HGs got their wake up call at 7:20 am BBT to prepare for their day. A couple hours later, the feeds go down for the POV Players to be picked. When the feeds come back up we find out that Brett, Scottie, and Kaycee were picked to play in the Veto. Kaycee was the Hackers choice. Rockstar is upset that no one picked would take her off the block.

There was a lot of lounging around the house through the morning and then at 12:20 pm BBT the feeds go down for the POV comp. The POV comp lasted for about two hours and when the feeds come back we see Angela and Kaycee in the HOH room and Angela is holding the Veto. She tells Kaycee she gave up $5000 to keep Tyler safe, but she is wondering if she made the right decision. Her and Kaycee are worried that this could out their alliance with Tyler. They come up with a story that she saw Scottie and Tyler talking and then when Scottie started begging for the Veto, she thought something shady was going on so she kept it.

Meanwhile, Scottie and Tyler are talking and they are discussing what side of the house Scottie is on. He tells Tyler that his side keeps making him swear on the Bible and they don’t trust him. Tyler and Scottie head upstairs to the HOH to talk to Angela and when they get in there, Kaycee and JC leave the room. Tyler tells Angela that someone on the other side of the house keeps making Scottie swear on the Bible. Angela tells him “that’s terrible” and gives him a hug. She tells him that no one should make him do that. She then tells him that he is safe this week and he was never her target. She also tells Tyler that she is taking him down with the Veto in the same conversation. Tyler and Angela try to get Scottie to join their side of the house.

Brett had been acting angry since the comp trying to make it look like he isn’t happy with Tyler for taking his trip to Hawaii in the comp. When Tyler goes to talk to him, he tells Tyler he isn’t mad, he is trying to make it look like he is mad that Tyler so that the other side of the house might try and work with him. That way Brett can try and figure out what’s going on over there.

Bayleigh goes up to talk Angela and asks her what she is thinking about doing with the Veto. She tells Angela that she knows she promised Scottie and Tyler safety and was wondering who her target is. Angela tells her that she isn’t sure yet. Later on Tyler and Angela talk about how great things are looking for their side of the house considering the Hacker. Brett joins the conversation and they talk about votes. Even if the Hacker takes one of their votes, they still have enough votes to get Bayleigh out because one of their numbers is on the block also.

Fessy, Brett, and Bayleigh wonder why Tyler didn’t take the Veto from Angela. They all speculate that Angela wanted to regain control over her HOH. Brett says that Tyler will probably come off the block. During this conversation, Tyler and Angela are talking and are worried that Bayleigh might still be able to use her power. They talk about leading Bayleigh to believe that Tyler is the actual target that way she isn’t worried about a renom. Tyler then realizes that Scottie might already be running information back to that side of the house.

At one point, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Rockstar try to restart the All-Girls alliance. Rockstar goes to Angela with this idea and Haleigh joined the conversation. They are telling Angela that the guys are having a lot of private conversations without them. Later Bayleigh tells Haleigh that she plans to use her power next week unless one of them or Fessy gets HOH.

Kaycee gets back from the DR with her new punishment costume. Kaycee is a Fitness Nut and dressed like a giant peanut with huge barbells. She has to work out and sing a song everytime a jingle plays in the house. 

Angela and Kaycee decided that they were going to play along with the all-girl alliance idea. Bayleigh goes to talk to Angela and Kaycee about Angela’s plans. Angela mentions that she thinks that she is going to take down Tyler, but she doesn’t tell her who her renom is going to be and when Bayleigh makes suggestions, she deflects and tells her she is really undecided.

Apparently, the other costume punishment was able to be given to another HG and Rockstar was chosen for this one. She is dressed as a chef and has to do whatever the BB voice tells her to do. The first one is for her to shake a smoothly while sprinting for a quarter mile which is equal to 9 laps around the yard. She has to place hurdles on either end of the yard and jump them before going onto the next lap.

Throughout the night, Bayleigh and Haleigh are really pushing this all-girl alliance. Haleigh calls Fessy in to make a deal with her and Bayleigh. They don’t want him to target Angela if she agrees to work with Bayleigh and Haleigh. Fessy tells them he wasn’t going to target her anyway. Later, Bayleigh goes to Angela and pitches a F2 to her. Tells Angela that she is the F2 she wanted and Angela plays around and claims she only worked with Rachel because Swaggy pulled Bayleigh away from her in the beginning.

Haleigh then goes to Angela and tells her that she should save Rockstar and put Scottie up in her place. She tells Angela it would be the easiest move because she already put him up there. After this, Haleigh goes to talk to Fessy and he is excited. He goes as far as telling Haleigh that if Angela agrees to put Scottie next to Tyler it would be the biggest move in BB history.

This conversation turned to Fessy telling Haleigh that he wants Brett out of the house for spending so much time with Haleigh. Mentions how he was touching her and she tells him that she allows it and does it back. She tells Fessy that she was just trying to make him feel better about being alone in the house. His best friend was evicted.

Haleigh also tells Fessy that they should vote out Scottie this week. Tells him that Tyler is the weaker player and can be manipulated. They don’t know that Angela is putting Bayleigh up next to Rockstar though. They really think that Angela is going to work with them. I find this amusing, does anyone else?

Make sure you come back tonight for an all-new episode of Big Brother 20 where we will watch as the HGs compete in the Hacker Comp!

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