Things exploded in the Big Brother 20 house last night after another blindside eviction and a new HOH being named. The HGs were also let in on the new twist of the summer. The Hacker Comp. Keep reading to find out what happened when the feeds came back up after the Big Brother live eviction right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The feeds came back up about 15 minutes after the live eviction show ended on the east coast. JC was trying to get details about Bayleigh’s power from Fessy, but he is claiming he doesn’t know anything about it. JC also points out to Fessy that Scottie seems okay with the way the votes landed. Meanwhile, Rockstar is sitting in the pink room crying because she is sick of being on the wrong side of the house. Moments later, she gets up and sits alone on the counter in the storage room and continues to cry there.

Sam and Brett are talking in the blue room a little about the comp and Angela comes in and tells them that she has never seen the house so depressed after an HOH comp. Tells them it’s miserable out there and then asks them to at least smile a little when she walks by. Sam tells Angela how annoyed she is with Haleigh and she is probably going to be up Angela’s butt all week. She adds that she won’t be in the HOH room much with her because if she’ll slap Haleigh in the head and she doesn’t want to do that. Sam tells Angela not to nominate her and Angela tells her that their pinky promise will never go away. Tells her this is a vacation week for Sam.

Tyler and JC think that this week’s plan should be to BD Bayleigh. Tyler is trying to get more information about Bayleigh’s power from Fessy, but he is still acting like he doesn’t know anything. Scottie tells JC that he thinks that he is going on the block this week, but JC tells him that he is going to talk to Angela about him (JC), Scottie and Fessy and try to keep them safe.

Feeds cut for about 20 minutes or so and when they come back up we find out that the HGs have been told about the new Hacker Comp twist. Sam tells Bayleigh that with this new twist, Bayleigh’s power is kind of irrelevant. Bayleigh agrees and tells Sam that she can’t override what the Hacker does (maybe that’s why Bayleigh and Tyler’s powers have such a long timeline?).

Angela and Kaycee talk about how Bayleigh probably won’t use her power because she knows that she can still get BD’d. Fessy is talking about the Hacker Comp and he says that the HOH picks first noms, they play in a comp and then the winner has the chance to change the game. Tyler and Angela are talking about noms and Angela says she thinks she should nominate Fessy and Rockstar and then try and BD Scottie and Tyler suggests BD’ing Bayleigh because of her power. Angela then asks what if she puts up Scottie and Rockstar and then tries to BD Fessy or Bayleigh. She says she would put Tyler up as a pawn but something could go wrong if the one side wins the Hacker and the other side wins the POV. Sounds like the Hacker will be able to change one of the nominations because they think if the other side of the house wins the Hacker Comp they will nominate Brett.

Everyone seems to be pushing Angela to go after Bayleigh, which wouldn’t be a bad idea. Bayleigh has told Tyler she has no intentions of using her power because the Hacker will just change one of the noms anyways making it a waste. Later Sam calls a house meeting and tells everyone they should make Sam the Hacker, just refuse to play and that way she won’t use the power and they can just continue to play BB like this twist doesn’t exist. They decide to vote with Cherrios and M&Ms. Then Rockstar speaks up and tells Sam she doesn’t trust anyone in the house for this and Sam tells everyone to forget it and go back to what they were doing before the meeting. Rockstar reiterates that she has been lied to twice now. Sam just tells her that it was an idea, that’s all.

There is then a conversation with Bayleigh and Rockstar. Bayleigh tells her that everyone thinks it was Rockstar that flipped and voted to keep Brett. Bayleigh tells her that she saw her talking to Brett along in a room and Rockstar says that isn’t true. She gets upset and is a little loud and Bayleigh tells her to keep it down. Bayleigh tells her “if you have a deal with Brett, I swear to God.” Rockstar swears she didn’t vote for Brett, tells Bayleigh that she hates him and would never work with him. Bayleigh tells her that would be a perfect cover for a deal and adds that Brett didn’t vote to evict RS the week before either. Bayleigh then storms out of the room.

Rockstar then goes to Sam and Kaycee about what Bayleigh accused her of and Sam tells her not to let it bother her. Rockstar flips out on Sam and tells her that she can’t tell her not to let it bother her when she (Sam) isn’t the one having lies spread about her. Rockstar then goes back to Bayleigh and Bayleigh just accuses her of being a really good actress and is always pushing peoples buttons. After this, it’s time for the HOH reveal.

Bayleigh told Angela more details of her power app, Angela is now promising Bayleigh that she won’t be nominating her. Bayleigh thanks Angela and tells her she won’t change one of the noms if she wins the Hacker Comp. Meanwhile, JC and Tyler talked about needing to get rid of Bayleigh before she has the chance to use her power app. Angela also promised Haleigh she would be safe this week and Haleigh tells her she won’t change Angela’s noms either.

The HGs file in one by one promising to not change her noms if she didn’t put them up. Scottie tells Angela the only way he would use the Hacker option is if he was on the block and he would renom RS in his place. Later Angela meets with what’s left of L6 and confirms that she is going to nominate RS and put Scottie up as a pawn with Bayleigh and Fessy as her renom options. Things could get interesting with this added twist in the game that allows the winner of the Hacker Comp to change one of the nominations. Stay tuned for Angela’s nominations a little later today!

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