There was a lot of relaxing and lounging by the pool throughout the day on the Big Brother 20 live feeds. It was a pretty uneventful day until Haleigh revealed her secret to one of the HGs. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap to find out who she told and what their plan is now right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

There was a conversation between Sam and Bayleigh first thing yesterday morning where Bayleigh is reflecting on her time at the Big Brother house. She is telling Sam that she wishes she never tried out for Big Brother and how she is worried that being on the show may have ruined her reputation. Bayleigh talks about how she shouldn’t have told Rachel about her secret because that really messed up her game. She wonders if she might be able to get her job back when she gets back home, but worried about what she will be going home to.

Rockstar has a revelation that the Hacker thing was just a ploy and they were really targetting Bayleigh because of her power app. Bayleigh mentions that she hopes the show’s ratings drop dramatically when she is gone. Rockstar then asks Bayleigh if she thinks she can win if she stays this week. Rockstar tells Bayleigh that she is thinking about doing something really stupid. She tells Bayleigh that she is thinking about dragging everyone through the mud in her eviction speech and call them all out for being fake. Clearly, Bayleigh has really gotten to Rockstar with her guilt trip because she spends most of the afternoon contemplating this but then worrying that this would be a disservice to her family. Bayleigh is telling Rockstar that she isn’t going to ask Rockstar to throw away her game. She tells Rockstar that she doesn’t think her (Bayleigh) game is more important than Rockstar’s game. Bayleigh also tells her that it might not even matter because the other HGs have already made up their mind.

At the same time as the Bayleigh and Rockstar conversation, there is a conversation between Angela and the Hacker Haleigh about how Angela knows that Bayleigh is the Hacker. Tells Haleigh that her, Bayleigh and Kaycee had a conversation about the POV and Kaycee said that if she won she would keep the noms the same and that’s why Bayleigh picked Kaycee to play. Tells her that Bayleigh also offered her a F2 and explains how Bayleigh was safe this week, even with the power.

Most of the afternoon was spent by the pool yesterday, but when there pool party and picnic were over, there was a conversation in the house that we have all been waiting to hear! Bayleigh is talking to Haleigh in the lounge and Bayleigh mentions that she is worried about campaigning because she doesn’t want to say the wrong thing to the Hacker she might get evicted because of it. Haleigh asks Bayleigh if she really had a F2 with Angela and Bayleigh tells her she did, but it wasn’t as high of a priority to her than the one she has with Haleigh.

Haleigh tells Bayleigh that she is the Hacker. You read that correctly, Haleigh just blew up her own game! She tells Bayleigh that she didn’t mean for Bayleigh to end up on the block, she was just trying to take a shot at Tyler because no one else was going to. She knew that if she took Rockstar down instead of Scottie it would have been obvious that it was someone from their side of the house. Haleigh tells Bayleigh that she is going to call a house meeting Wednesday to tell everyone that she is the Hacker. She is worried that Rockstar won’t forgive her because she didn’t save her with it and chose to save Scottie.

Brett and Fessy had a chat about working together. Fessy hinted to him that he wanted to make a deal with Brett and the other guys in the house. Fessy seemed like he really wanted to work with him, but I’m not sure that Brett is buying what he is selling.

There was a lot of general chit chat around the house and a few hours after her conversation with Bayleigh, Haleigh goes to talk to Fessy. Haleigh admits to Fessy that she is the Hacker and that she plans on telling the house on Wednesday. He tells her that she can’t tell everyone. She tells him that it’s the only way to keep Bayleigh in the house (she thinks this because of her conversation with Angela earlier). He tells her that it’s just going to want to make Tyler want to target her next week. She tells him that she wasn’t going to tell anyone until she saw how unfairly everyone was treating Bayleigh because they thought she was the Hacker.

Fessy is trying to convince Haleigh that this isn’t going to save Bayleigh, but she thinks that this might be the only thing that can save her. She said that she was going to tell everyone regardless because they all owe Bayleigh an apology at the very least for the way they have all been treating her. Fessy then admits to Haleigh that she knew about Bayleigh’s power from the start.

Fessy doesn’t want Haleigh to hold the meeting but says that it would look better coming from Haleigh than Bayleigh outing her to the house. Fessy tells her that he wished that she talked to him before she talked to Bayleigh. They then talk about how Haleigh should tell the house and how she should approach the Tyler situation.

Fessy then talks to Bayleigh and tells her that Haleigh told him she was the Hacker. They have a talk about how it would be best for Haleigh to tell the house about her being the Hacker. There is a conversation between Bayleigh, Haleigh and Fessy about the decisions she made as the Hacker and how Angela is going to feel dumb for thinking it was Bayleigh this whole time. Fessy later asks Scottie if Bayleigh could be safe if the rest of the house found out that Bayleigh wasn’t the Hacker. Scottie tells her that it’s possible, but the Hacker would have to tell everyone and that wouldn’t be smart to do.

The plan is for there to be some kind of house meeting today at some point. I can not stress how stupid this is for Haleigh to do. She should have just kept her mouth shut. However, the feeds will be interesting today!

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