It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 20 house and what a day it was! There was drama, then a house meeting, then even more drama inside the house and I have all the details for you below! Keep reading my Big Brother 20 live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday!

Yesterday we started the day with a conversation between Bayleigh and Angela. Bayleigh went to her to try and plead her case about not being the Hacker. She tells Angela that she wished Angela would have come to her and talk to her about it. Angela reminds Bayleigh about the comp with the deletion dots and how Bayleigh eliminated her from that comp. Bayleigh tells Angela that Tyler is the one that told Bayleigh to do it. Bayleigh tells Angela that she is going to feel really stupid when she realizes that Bayleigh isn’t the Hacker.

At 12:25 pm BBT, Haleigh calls a house meeting. The meeting started with Haleigh telling everyone in the house that they owed Bayleigh an apology because Haleigh was the one who won the Hacker Comp. She tells Tyler that she targeted him because when Kaitlyn was in the house she told Haleigh about all the deals and game moves that Tyler had been making and also mentioned how there wasn’t a person in the house that would nominate him. That combined with all his comp wins made him an obvious target.

She then turns to Angela and tells Angela that she didn’t want to take over her HOH but this is the only opportunity she has been given in this house to make a move and that’s why she did it. She then adds that last week Tyler went to Bayleigh and threw Angela’s name under the bus and that’s when everything exploded. Tyler denied throwing Angela’s name out there. Bayleigh accuses him of lying. Tyler tells the house that he went to Bayleigh after winning the POV and asked her if he used it, would Angela be the replacement nominees (this is true). Bayleigh tries to spin it like she had other people in mind and that’s what she told Tyler (false).

Bayleigh starts screaming about how Tyler has treated her like trash and he owes her an apology. He tells her that he isn’t going to apologize because there isn’t a reason to. He denies treating her like trash and is still denying throwing Angela’s name under the bus. He tells her that regardless he is still voting her out because she has a power. She is still screaming and yelling at him. He tells her that even though she is screaming and yelling, it doesn’t make what she is saying true. Bayleigh tells Tyler that he has made her life hell in the Big Brother house and she retreats to the pink room.

Angela and JC have already retreated to the upstairs area and are watching from up there. Angela told JC that regardless of whether Bayleigh is that hacker or not, she has a power app and needs to go. Bayleigh has to go to the DR because her mouth is bleeding (she bit through the inside of her mouth). Back in the HOH room, JC is telling Angela that this is what Bayleigh does, she plays the victim. Angela reiterates that it doesn’t matter that she isn’t the Hacker, she still has a power app.

Down in the pink room, Sam and Haleigh are talking and Sam tells her that she isn’t mad at Haleigh and that Haleigh did the right thing by telling everyone. Back up in the HOH room, Angela is saying that she still doesn’t think that Bayleigh isn’t the Hacker. She thinks that Bayleigh talked Haleigh into taking the fall to try and get the target off her. Bayleigh comes out of the DR and apologizes for screaming and yelling so loudly, she has never been that mad in her life, but she is feeling better.

Things have calmed down and there is some game talk going on in the house. JC is annoyed with Rockstar and questions her on why she isn’t fighting to stay in the house. She tells him she doesn’t want to go home but is mentally prepared to go if she is voted out.

Haleigh is talking about the votes. She thinks that herself, Fessy, Scottie, JC, and Brett will all be voting to keep Bayleigh. The reason Brett is on that list is because they think that he is now working with them. He has infiltrated the Hive sort of speak. He is acting as a spy for L6 to find out what’s going on over there. Angela and Kaycee are doing the same thing and have decided that they aren’t going to include Scottie in theirs because he can still vote with the other side.

JC had questioned Fessy about his trust in Haleigh and reminds Fessy that Haleigh using the power from the Hacker comp could have opened up the chance of Fessy being BD’d this week. JC reported this conversation back to Tyler and Kaycee. Kaycee tells JC that Haleigh being the Hacker could be a ploy by the other side, but she is confident they have five votes, enough to get Bayleigh out even if one of them is canceled.

The feeds went down for almost two hours last night for the HG’s Halfway Party. When they came back, Bayleigh and Scottie are talking. Bayleigh asks Scottie what kind of deal he has with Tyler. He tells her that they have an agreement not to put each other up and to use the Veto on each other if needed. He tells her that they have never made been in on a vote together though. Bayleigh tells Scottie that she is on the block for no reason and that she doesn’t understand why the vote isn’t obvious. She also tells him that she almost quit.

Bayleigh makes her rounds and talks to Kaycee and then Angela. In her conversation with Angela, Bayleigh tells her that it sucks to lose a friend like her and when Angela tells her they can still be friends, Bayleigh implies that isn’t going to happen. She tells Angela that her ability to turn on Bayleigh so quick hurt her. Meanwhile, Haleigh and Scottie are having a conversation. In this conversation, Haleigh asks Scottie if he has a F2 with Tyler and he tells her that he doesn’t have an official deal with him. Later, Scottie tells Haleigh about a F3 deal that Bayleigh pitched to him and Fessy. The more they talk, the more upset she gets with Fessy. Scottie tells her about Fessy telling all the guys that they have to stick together and how everyone in the house thinks that her and Fessy are a secret showmance.

There is some reporting back from Scottie and Brett about votes. Scottie tells Tyler that the other side is definitely wanting to keep Bayleigh. Scottie also suggests that he doesn’t think that Haleigh is the Hacker even though she is claiming to be. Later, Scottie and Haleigh talk again. They talk about how Kaitlyn ruined their alliance by voting out Steve and getting Swaggy out. Haleigh also offers Scottie an official F4 deal with her, RS and Brett. Haleigh tells Scottie that she had no idea that Bayleigh was trying to push for him as a renom. Haleigh also has decided that she is probably going to cancel Tyler’s vote.

It looks like Bayleigh is pretty doomed to be evicted. We will find out for sure later today. Make sure you come back to vote in our Eviction Poll and check out my eviction prediction before my live recap later tonight!

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