Yesterday was Power of Veto Day in the Big Brother 20 house and it was imperative that L6 win it to keep Tyler safe from renom. If you missed out on who was picked to play in the Veto or who won the Veto, make sure you get all caught up right here! Keep reading to find out what happened before and after the Power of Veto comp for week 7 right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The HGs got an early wake up call for their busy day in the Big Brother house. Feeds went down before 9 am BBT for the POV Players draw and when they came back up we found out that the Hacker picked Tyler to play and Kaycee and Fessy were also picked to play. During this time, there was also a conversation between Rockstar and Haleigh about Kaycee cussing Rockstar out. Rockstar apparently went to Kaycee and reminded her that there were other people in the house and Kaycee got ticked about the accusations (even though we all know she is the Hacker).

Haleigh told Rockstar that she thinks that Kaycee is the Hacker because Tyler was picked to play in the POV. Haleigh also mentions that if Tyler wins, pulls Angela down and puts Kaycee back up, Kaycee would have the votes to stay. During this conversation, Haleigh also mentions to Rockstar that she needs to stop hanging out with her so much because the house is starting to think they are a duo. She tells her that’s why Rockstar was put up by the Hacker because she is appearing to be close to Haleigh (duhhhh).

Haleigh then has a conversation with Brett. She is really upset that Tyler, Kaycee and Angela are all able to play in the Veto together. She tells Brett that Tyler promised to work with her if he won the POV. She then questions Brett about how close he is with Tyler. He tells her that he isn’t that close to Tyler. Haleigh then speculates that maybe Tyler isn’t close to anyone and he is just working with Angela and Kaycee out of necessity. Later on, Haleigh tells Scottie that she trusts Brett and that she thinks that he is in with them now (ummm, no) and Scottie agreed with her.

Meanwhile, Brett goes back to Angela and tells her that the plan is to renom Kaycee and not BD Tyler if Tyler uses the POV to save Angela. Angela and Kaycee talk about BD’ing Scottie next week and then the feeds go down for the POV Comp. When the feeds come back up, Rockstar is pissed and swearing up a storm, but Tyler and the rest of L6 look pretty happy. A little while later we got confirmation that Tyler won the Power of Veto comp.

Rockstar is angry at herself for inadvertently helping Tyler in one of the first rounds of the comp and then even more upset that she beat Tyler to the top in the final round, but had the wrong answer. Tyler and Rockstar have a conversation later on and she tells him that he wasn’t going up. He reminds her that Haleigh did to him last week when she was the Hacker. He tells her that he was voting to keep her last week, but his vote was canceled. Rockstar tells him that all she wanted to do was take herself down. She tells him that she wouldn’t target him and then begs him to not make her make another eviction speech.

There is a conversation between Brett, Angela and Kaycee at the same time and they are talking about how it was hard for Brett to not cheer for them during the comp. There was also a conversation about how they should try to get someone else on the block to target instead of Rockstar, but then decide that it’s too risky.

Haleigh and Fessy talk later on and she is frustrated about the POV comp. They are also talking about renom options and she tells Fessy that she is worried that Kaycee might have another power that could interfere. Fessy tells her she already put Kaycee up, just put her back up there. Haleigh is talking about how aggravated with Rockstar for helping Tyler. She tells Fessy that she doesn’t trust anyone in the house 100% of the time, even Fessy. He gets upset with her and walks out.

There is a talk later with Rockstar and Haleigh where she tells Rockstar that she thinks that they need to convince Tyler to not save Angela this week. She thinks that Brett, JC, Fessy and Scottie are all going to try and convince Tyler and she adds that she could probably flirt her way to controlling him.

Later, Brett and Tyler talk about how Kaycee is probably going to be the renom if Tyler decides to use the POV. Tyler tells him that he will make sure that Kaycee is okay with being on the block come Thursday before he decides to use it or not. There is then a conversation between Haleigh, Tyler and Rockstar. Haleigh and Rockstar are making a pitch to Tyler asking him to take Rockstar down. He questions her on whether she put him up as the Hacker last week and she tries to dodge the conversation but ends up admitting to it. She tells him that if Kaycee has some kind of power to save her from the renom, she won’t put Tyler up. He reminds her that he won the POV and she can’t renom him anyways.

Haleigh tells Tyler that if Rockstar gets evicted on her HOH, she will self-evict. She tells Tyler that he isn’t her target this week, Angela is. Haleigh tells him that he might feel like he owes Angela for saving him last week, but she can promise him better safety if he helps her out instead of Angela. Haleigh mentions to Tyler that Brett is getting closer to her and Scottie seems to be a free agent and they can pull both of them in. Haleigh tells him that if Rockstar goes this week she won’t speak to anyone in this house for the rest of the season and she will request to be put up for eviction. He tells her to sober up, she denies being drunk but admits to being tipsy.

After this, Tyler goes downstairs and Fessy comes back up to the HOH to talk about the lack of trust thing. Rockstar comes up and tells Haleigh that she saw Tyler and Angela giggling with each other downstairs. Haleigh tells Rockstar that her conversation with Tyler went really well and that’s a little alarming. Rockstar tells her that they were giggling, asking where Kaycee was and they sad something about the Hacker and then started giggling again. Haleigh and Fessy tell her she should just go lay with them and mess with them.

After that, Fessy takes Haleigh out of the tub and brings her to her bed. He tells her that she should trust him (again). He tells her that Tyler would be stupid to use the Veto because then he would just be a BD target next week. Later we see them in the HOH and they appear to be making out, but it’s dark so I can’t be sure.

I don’t know it if was the wine, or if Haleigh really isn’t game smart at all. She thinks that she has Brett in her back pocket and she thinks that Tyler would help her over Angela? We will find out what Tyler decides to do with the Veto tomorrow. Looks like it’s either not use it or use it and take Angela down with Kaycee going back up against Rockstar. They would then cancel one of the votes for Rockstar and send her home. If it works the way they expect. Make sure you come back later tonight for my live recap of Big Brother 20 where we will watch the noms ceremony and the Hacker Comp take place!

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