It was a pretty quiet day in the Big Brother 20 house while one of the nominees is confident she is staying and the other one is finding it pretty hilarious. Keep reading to get all the details of yesterday’s Big Brother live feeds right here! If you have missed any of the action thus far, make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up!

Rockstar was still campaigning yesterday in hopes to solidify votes that she isn’t certain she has. This started with her pitching a F6 to Sam that would include her, Rockstar, Haleigh, Fessy, Scottie and JC. Sam asks “what about Brett?” and Rockstar tells her that the can’t keep everyone in the game, but they would keep Brett until F7. She tells Sam that they have the numbers to save Rockstar, but if for some reason something happens and she isn’t in the house after Thursday’s eviction, she wants Sam to keep working with the rest of the group.

Rockstar also had a chat with Tyler where she tells Tyler that he is taking things out on her that Haleigh did to him. He tells her that it wasn’t anything personal towards Rockstar and that he knows she is a great person, but he couldn’t agree to a deal that benefited Haleigh after she tried to target him last week.

Rockstar even tried to pitch to Brett that they could be their own alliance. She starts it off with how Scottie has been joking about how Brett and Rockstar are in a secret alliance and it made her think. She tells him because everyone is always joking about it that no one would suspect it. She tells him they would be hiding in plain sight. Brett goes right outside to tell Tyler and Angela about the pitch Rockstar made to him about working together. Calls them Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Rockstar later tells Haleigh about her pitch to Brett to make a secret alliance, but explains that it isn’t a F2. Rockstar then starts to rehearse her eviction speech that Brett is helping her with. While doing so they are talking about the other side of the house and Rockstar is talking about if they take out Angela that Tyler would be walking around the house like a lost puppy like he did with Kaitlyn. Haleigh tells them that Tyler is the type of player that needs to have someone telling him what to do. Haleigh also says that he wants someone in the house to take care of him, but that’s his problem.

Brett and Tyler have a chat outside about how Rockstar cornered him about how he is taking out his frustration with Haleigh on her. Angela then joins the conversation and it turns to Brett telling them about what he told Rockstar to say in her eviction speech. They laugh about how it doesn’t make any sense at all and then Brett tells them if they think of anything they want added to the speech to let him know. Things then turn to them joking about the Mr. and Mrs. Smith reference in Rockstar’s pitch to Brett. Angela tells them that she is going to use that in her GBM.

Later there is a conversation with JC and Fessy. JC is telling Fessy about what’s going wrong in their group. He tells him the lack of planning and coordination with their moves. He talks about how when Haleigh won the Hacker she went off on her own and did what she wanted without any kind of planning. Scottie goes off and votes on his own and Bayleigh revealed her app to Rachel. Everyone is off doing what they want without any real collaboration.

Sam and JC have a chat later about what JC wants to do with week and he tells Sam that he wants Kaycee to stay, but he isn’t telling anyone how he is voting because of the Hacker. JC gives Sam some advice about her game and tells her not to tell everyone how she voted this week like she did last week. He explains to her that it’s bad for her game to do that. He also tells her that she is one of his favorite people in the house and he doesn’t want her to go. JC tells Sam that he will tell her how he is voting on Thursday.

The house is pretty quiet the rest of the night. Fessy broke the HOH bathroom sink though. He was sitting on it and it came completely off the wall and broke. There was also a conversation with Brett and Scottie about the votes. Scottie is worried that they will burn their bridge with Haleigh if they vote out Rockstar. Brett tells him that he likes working with her and he doesn’t think that she will stop working with them if they vote her out. Scottie starts talking about how they should keep working with Haleigh because she saved Scottie with the Hacker last week.

Regardless of how much game talk the Hive does, it doesn’t look like Rockstar will be staying this week. We shall see when it all plays out tomorrow night. Tonight we will see how the POV plays out and stay tuned for my Favorite HG poll results a little later today!

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