Yesterday we saw some crazy game play in the Big Brother house yesterday, but did it do anything to change the situation for this week’s target? Keep reading our live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday’s Big Brother 20 live feeds! Also, make sure you come back later today to find out what happens at the POV Ceremony!

Yesterday’s live feeds started off with Sam trying to convince Fessy to renom Haleigh when Brett pulls himself off the block this week. She tells him that Haleigh is nothing but dead weight for him and that Haleigh would put him up “quick, fast, in a hurry” if she was given the opportunity. She tells him that Haleigh talked about doing it when the All-Girls Alliance was a thing and she would be willing to do it now. She tells him that if he does this, he would be saving Sam’s life because she will quit smoking too. She pressures him for an answer, but he tells her that he has to think about it. She pushes him about it anytime she can.

HNs were picked for the week and they are Sam, JC and Tyler. After this, Fessy talks to Haleigh and tells her that Angela and Tyler have talked about his F4 proposition.  A little later, Fessy starts his damage control with Brett and tells him that he believes that it was Brett that voted to keep Rockstar. He tells him that because he is sticking with his story even though he’s taking himself off the block, it must be true.

Fessy talks to Kaycee and reassures her that whoever goes up as a renom won’t go home this week. He has been toying around with putting her up as a pawn next to Scottie. He lets her know that it will have to be one of the three of them (Kaycee, Angela or Tyler).

After Kaycee leaves, Fessy then talks to Haleigh about Scottie. She tells him that Scottie just told her that he wanted to talk to her, he tells Haleigh to talk to Scottie first then and then they will talk. She insists that Fessy talks to her now and he tells her that Scottie called her “Kaitlyn 2.0” and is throwing her name under the bus. He tells her not to say anything about it to Scottie and she tells him she won’t, but she is curious what he needs to talk to her about now.

Haleigh goes downstairs and she is clearly upset and crying. Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are comforting her. She tells them about Scottie and Tyler tells her that he is just trying to save himself. She is telling them that she is the only one that he had in his corner and that this doesn’t make any sense. Tyler tells her that she has to talk to him, but she doesn’t even know what she would say to him at this point. She is upset because he called her Kailtyn 2.0 and claims that she is trying to pit him and Fessy against each other.

Angela, Brett and Kaycee go to talk in the HN room and Angela is talking about wanting Sam on the block, Brett tells them that he mentioned that to him and then tells them about Sam’s plan to get him to renom Haleigh. Meanwhile, Haleigh is talking to Sam and asking her if she told Fessy that Haleigh was manipulating Fessy and Sam denies telling Fessy that. Haleigh tells her that she believes Sam and adds that she thinks Scottie is doing a lot of lying.

When Haleigh and Scottie talk, he tells her that he’s sorry and that he is bad for her game. He tells her that it was Sam and Brett’s idea for him to throw her under the bus. Haleigh is now upset that Brett and Sam are the ones who are coming after her, but he tells Haleigh that they always have been.

Kaycee gets word from Haleigh that she is probably going to be the renom, but tells her that she told Fessy that she didn’t want Kaycee up two weeks in a row. She apologizes to Kaycee for putting her up twice during her HOH and tells her that Rockstar was running her HOH and she let people get in her head.

Later, Haleigh talks with Fessy about her talk with Scottie. He tells Haleigh that he is taking out the biggest target in this game. She tells Fessy that Scottie isn’t the biggest target, Tyler is. He tells her that she can’t vote to keep Scottie this week, she tells him that she wasn’t going to but adds “don’t tell me what to do.”

Scottie goes to talk to Fessy about what his campaign to renom Haleigh was all about. He tells Fessy that he would really like to see Sam put up because she is playing everyone by acting like she knows nothing about the game. Fessy tells Scottie that he thought about putting Sam up and that he will think about it again. Fessy tells him that Sam’s pitch freaked him out. Scottie tells Fessy that if Sam goes up and he can somehow stay, he would go after Brett and finish off the job he started when he had Winston evicted.

Kaycee goes up and talks to Fessy. He asks her who she would rather see go home, Sam or Scottie. She tells him Scottie. He tells Kaycee that he still wants Scottie to go and he is only going to put Sam up as a renom if he still has the votes to get Scottie out. He tells Kaycee that Scottie is sneaky and convincing. Fessy isn’t convinced that Scottie would still go if Sam was next to him, so Kaycee tells him to go ahead and put her up then.

Kaycee talks to Haleigh about the Sam situation. She tells Haleigh that Sam might have a crush on Brett. Haleigh wonders if Sam is jealous of her then and thinks that maybe Sam thinks Brett likes Haleigh more. Haleigh tells Kaycee that she didn’t come her to get in a relationship with anyone. We ended the night with Tyler and JC touching base about how they think that Scottie would come for them if he stayed and that they really do need to get him out this week regardless of who is next to him. They think that Haleigh would go after Sam next though. They also talked about how Fessy and Haleigh have been trying to make Tyler and Angela look like a duo so people would target them too.

Today is the POV Ceremony. Make sure you come back to find out if Fessy decided on putting Kaycee or Sam up in Brett’s place. Regardless, it looks like Scottie will be the one going to jury on Thursday.

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