It was a drama filled night on the Big Brother 20 live feeds after the new HOH got access to their room and started asking questions about the votes. Keep reading to find out what happened in the Big Brother house after the live eviction and HOH comp happened. Make sure you keep up with all the Big Brother spoilers right here!

After Fessy wins the HOH and the feeds come back up, we got a look as some interesting conversations. Haleigh tells Scottie that she is angry with Sam for lying about her vote all week, but then says she isn’t a target this week. Meanwhile, Fessy is telling Tyler that he respects him even though they vote on opposite sides of the house most of the time.

Fessy and Haleigh talk in the lounge and they talk about who Fessy should target. He tells Haleigh that he isn’t going after Kaycee and Angela because they haven’t won anything. Haleigh is pushing Tyler’s name, but Fessy seems reluctant to nominate Tyler and he really doesn’t like the idea of BD’ing anyone. He mentions that he wants one of the four guys out, but Haleigh is really trying to talk him out of putting Scottie up. They go back and forth on this for a while and Brett’s name comes up during most of it.

Brett, Angela and Kaycee talk about the plan to frame Scottie again. He is telling them that he is going to claim that he voted to keep Rockstar and that Scottie must have flipped his vote. Meanwhile, Fessy is talking to Scottie and Scottie has already told him he was the one who voted for Rockstar to stay.

Tyler tells Angela and Kaycee that they are safe this week and to remain calm and trust him. The only time they should freak out is if Tyler should start to freak out. There is also a chat between Haleigh and Scottie about Brett. They are talking about how they need Brett and Haleigh thinks that if Fessy puts him up and Haleigh or Scottie win the Veto, they should take him down.

Fessy gets his HOH room and reads his letter. After that he tells everyone that he isn’t doing one on ones tonight but tells them they can talk to him tomorrow. He tells them that he has always been honest about his game, but has continuously been kept in the dark. He then tells them that he isn’t ready to hear all the bull just yet. He just wants to enjoy his first night as HOH by himself.

Fessy then asks who was the one vote for Rockstar to stay and Scottie raises his hand. Fessy asks again if there is anyone that wants to try and claim it and Brett tells them “I claim it, I already feel like I have the whole house against me, I finally f*ckin did it.” He then tells them that he was the one who voted for Rockstar. He apologizes to Kaycee and Scottie tells them that this is cute. Scottie called Kaycee a bullsh*t actor and Kaycee goes off. She tells Scottie that she has never been close to Brett and she tells Scottie that everyone in the house was fake while she was on the block.

Fessy asks Kaycee who she thinks and she tells him that she doesn’t have good vibes about Brett. Haleigh then brings up that Brett wanted to talk to Scottie after the HOH and Brett tells everyone that he wanted to talk to Scottie because he was supposed to vote for Rockstar too. After this they all filed out of the HOH room when Fessy tells them that’s all he has to say to them. After everyone leaves, Fessy is laughing by himself. He then puts on his headphones and sings so they cut to a different camera.

Downstairs, Kaycee tells Scottie that she really thought that he voted to keep her. He says, “nope, ‘I vote to evict Kaycee.'” Meanwhile, JC is trying to convince Haleigh that Scottie isn’t trustworthy. Haleigh then goes to talk to Fessy, or tries to. She rings the doorbell, but he can’t hear anything because he has his headphones on.

He finally hears it and opens the door. He tells them that was fun and then tells her and JC that they need to get on the same page. They told them him that they just did. Haleigh then goes down to the kitchen for the corkscrew. JC tells Fessy that they talked and that in this talk he told her all the reasons he didn’t trust her and they talked it out.

When Haleigh comes back up, she tells Fessy that she believes Brett over Scottie now. She tells him that Brett makes the most sense because Rockstar told her that her (Rockstar) and Brett had a deal. He tells Fessy that Scottie is playing an emotional game and Scottie has a thing for Haleigh. He tells Fessy that he thinks that Scottie is going to come after Fessy to get him out so that Scottie can get closer to Haleigh.

They talk about how should go up next to Scottie and JC tells him that Scottie needs to be a BD. JC also adds that they should confuse the house with the noms. He tells them that Fessy should nominate Brett and Kaycee, but Haleigh is confused. She asks why they put Brett up if they believe he was the vote to keep Rockstar. JC explains to them that it will make Scottie think that they believe it was him and he won’t know the BD is coming.

Scottie comes upstairs. Fessy tells him that they will talk in the morning and on his way out he tells Haleigh that he loves her and then asks if she’s coming downstairs when she doesn’t get up right away. Fessy is laughing and calling JC over, he asks what just happened? They are all laughing and JC tells them that Scottie is in love with her.

After JC leaves, Haleigh and Fessy wonder if Brett and Kaycee are the best noms. Fessy is worried that if Tyler wins the Veto he will save Scottie and they will miss their chance. They talk about putting Tyler and Scottie up, but then it changes to Brett and Scottie. Fessy tells them that he wants to convince Tyler to work with them this week.

JC goes downstairs and reports to Tyler that Fessy is going to BD Scottie this week after convincing them that they should trust him (JC). Tyler tells JC that he can tell Haleigh he isn’t coming for her. JC then warns Brett that he might go up next to a weaker player.

So it looks like Brett and Kaycee will go up, but Scottie is a BD option thanks to JC being the HOH this week, I mean…Fessy is the HOH. JC is going to continue to work at convincing Fessy that getting Scottie out this week is in his best interest. Stay tuned for the noms later today!

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