Yesterday was nomination day in the Big Brother 20 house, it was also a day of celebrating because the remaining HGs were surprised by a smaller dining room table. The HOH was a little conflicted in what they were going to do for the nomination ceremony but in the end they made the right call. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of yesterday’s live feeds!

Yesterday morning we started off the day with a lot of lounging around. The HGs were definitely slow to rise, but when they did we caught a conversation between Angela and Fessy. Angela tells Fessy that she is thinking of using Haleigh as a pawn to get Sam out, but Fessy is worried if Sam would really be evicted. She assures Fessy that Sam would go and Fessy tells her that he respects any decision she makes and that getting Sam out might be a good game move like getting Scottie out was.

Tyler and Kaycee had a chat about Tyler’s talk with Haleigh. He told her earlier in the day that she saw Brett celebrating because he found out that Sam was the target for the week. He tells Kaycee that he didn’t tell Haleigh that there was a possibility of Fessy going up and that Fessy isn’t going to see it coming. They then discuss which one they want out first (between Haleigh and Fessy) and Tyler tells her that he wants Fessy gone first and that leaving Haleigh in the house for Sam to target is good for them. He also mentions that Brett wants Fessy gone too.

Haleigh goes to talk to Angela, she is trying to get Angela to talk to her about her nomination ideas, but Angela tells her that she is just going over options in her head. Haleigh tells Angela that she doesn’t have to worry about anything and reminds Angela that she can trust her and Angela thanks her. After this conversation, Angela talks to Kaycee about how Haleigh and Fessy really think that they have a F4 deal with Angela and Tyler.

Feeds cut and are down for just over an hour. When they come back up the HGs head downstairs from the HOH lockdown. The medium sized table has been put in the kitchen/dining room. The HGs all sit around it and chat for a while. After this celebration, sort of speak, Fessy and Haleigh have a chat about noms. Haleigh tells him that she is sure she is going up next to Sam. Fessy tells her that he tried to talk to Angela but didn’t want to come off too pushy. They both agree that it would be stupid for Angela to put both of them up.

There is a talk between JC and Tyler about what Angela is going to do with noms. Tyler tells him that he is sure that Fessy and Haleigh are going up together and JC promises that he will vote Fessy out and that Tyler doesn’t have to worry about him voting any other way. The talk then turns to F4 and how taking Kaycee and Angela with them together is not a good move. JC is saying that it should be them, Angela and Sam or them, Angela and Haleigh, but not them, Angela and Kaycee. Tyler tells him that at that point it’s just whoever wins. JC is annoyed because of Tyler’s feelings for Angela and how he warned Tyler not to get too close to her.

Feeds cut for noms and when they come back, Fessy and Haleigh are on the block together. Fessy and Haleigh are talking and Fessy tells her that he didn’t see that coming, meanwhile Tyler is telling Angela that Fessy had to have seen that coming. Haleigh is telling Fessy she knew that was going to happen and hopes that one of them could win the Veto. She thinks that she is the target this week, the real target is Fessy.

Meanwhile, L6 is talking about if Fessy saves himself with the POV. Angela says that Sam will then go up as a renom, but Haleigh will be the one voted out.

Back downstairs, Fessy and Haleigh are still talking and they Haleigh is still stuck on the fact that she is the target this week. She tells Fessy the only reason he is on the block is because he is her #1, but this isn’t really the case. However, Fessy had a realization during this conversation! He realized that no matter what, one of them is going to be evicted this week. He also realized that getting rid of Scottie was a dumb idea. They continue to chat about the others in the house. About how Tyler is untouchable, the possibility that him and Angela like each other, which order they would evict everyone in. They also talk about how if Kaycee makes it to F2 they would vote for her over anyone that’s left.

Meanwhile, JC has been trying to get Brett closer to Angela all day. He is trying to use Brett as a wedge between Tyler and Angela so that Tyler doesn’t get caught up in a showmance. I’m sorry JC, but I think you’re a little late on that. JC is trying to tell Brett that Angela likes him. He tells Brett that he should go put that to some use because Angela is closer to Tyler and Kaycee.

Later, Haleigh and Fessy are talking and Haleigh is telling him that she dug the hole they are in but he kicked them into it. They are laying in separate beds and she is telling him that she is tired, he is trying to get her to come lay next to him, but she refuses. He tells her that she always goes to bed so early and she tells him that she is tired. She tells him that she is always tired and he asks her if that’s going to be a problem. She didn’t hear the comment and she asks him to repeat it, but he tells her nevermind and tells her that she is cranky when she’s tired.

L6 is in the HOH talking. They are talking about what they could do after the show and how they want to travel and experience things. The talks then turn to the upcoming evictions, but Brett tells them they shouldn’t get too ahead of themselves. Brett told them about his real job back home as a cybersecurity engineer and Tyler tells the group about the TKO show he was on before Big Brother. Seems like they are getting more comfortable with each other as the days go by.

Before bed, Tyler tells Sam the plan this week is to win the Veto and keep noms the same. He also told her that Haleigh and Fessy were trying to throw Sam under the bus this week, but Tyler tells her that he wouldn’t let Sam end up on the block. Stay tuned for the POV Comp spoilers later today. It’s safe to say that it’s going to be four against two this week in the POV Comp. Who do you hope plays and wins?

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