Yesterday was POV Day in the Big Brother 20 house and a comp that took just over nine and a half hours brought a lot of excitement for one side of the house. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap for all the Big Brother spoilers from before and after the Power of Veto comp! If you missed the POV Winner results, you can find those spoilers right here!

The HGs got an early wake up call at 8:45 am BBT. They were really slow to rise. Feeds went down for POV Players to be drawn and when they came back up we found out that Angela, Fessy and Haleigh would be joined by Sam, JC and Kaycee for this week’s comp.

Angela tells Kaycee that she hopes it’s a puzzle comp and not something physical, that way Haleigh has a better chance of winning it than Fessy. They figure even if Haleigh wins, they can get their target out and it’s not one of the L6 members winning it and not using it. Angela and Kaycee also talked about how Fessy talked Haleigh out of picking Brett for the comp. She got HG Choice and picked Sam because Fessy told her not to pick Brett.

Downstairs, Fessy is telling JC that he thinks that Brett would have saved Haleigh if he won the POV, but Sam would be easier to beat. Or in other words, he was only thinking about saving himself and didn’t care that Haleigh would have been in a better position with Brett playing (she really wouldn’t have been, but Fessy thought that she would have been and didn’t care).

Angela and Haleigh have a talk and Angela makes sure that Haleigh knows that Fessy is her target and not Haleigh. Haleigh was a little shocked to hear this because she was really convinced that Angela was going after her. She tells Haleigh that Fessy is a threat in this game and Haleigh tells her that makes sense. Haleigh is upset that she picked Sam now.

After that conversation with Haleigh, Angela talks to Tyler, Brett and Kaycee about it. She tells them that Haleigh thinks that Sam will save Fessy if she wins the POV and Brett thinks that Sam will too. Before the comp, Kaycee confirmed with Haleigh that Fessy is the target this week. Haleigh tells her that she wished someone told her that the day before so that she knew to pick a stronger competitor. Kaycee tells Haleigh that Fessy was being selfish when he asked Haleigh not to pick Brett.

The feeds cut for the POV Comp and nine and a half hours later, they came back up and we see Fessy looking really upset with Haleigh there talking to him and then up in the HOH room, Kaycee and Angela are talking and Kaycee has the medallion around her neck. Apparently Kaycee only beat Fessy by a point and that’s why Fessy is so upset.

After the dust settles a little, Haleigh talks to Angela and Tyler. She knows that Fessy is going to campaign against her, but Tyler and Angela promise her that she is safe. Angela even tells her later on that she doesn’t even have to campaign. Later on, Fessy has a conversation with JC about how he is not even going to campaign because he is ready to go after blowing the POV Comp. Fessy is also throwing blame at Rockstar for telling Tyler the answer in the OTEV comp because of how differently things would have gone. Fessy talks with JC and Haleigh and tells them that he see them in the jury house and that their alliances inability to trust each other and stick to a plan ruined their chances.

Well looks like Fessy is done for this week and will be joining in on the Jury Battle Back this week. What do you think of Fessy’s chances of coming back in the house? Also, Tyler made a move last night and asked Angela if she would go on a date with him when they get out of the house. She agreed to it. Make sure you come back tonight for my Big Brother live recap where we will actually get a chance to watch the HOH Comp unfold, unlike on the feeds Thursday night.

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