Last night on Big Brother 20, we watched as Scottie was unanimously evicted and sent to the Jury House. When the feeds came back up after the live show, we found out who our new HOH is for the week! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of last night’s Big Brother live feeds right here!

Last night’s feeds started with an argument between Haleigh and Fessy. As you can see above, Haleigh is a little annoyed with how Fessy can actually believe Angela and Tyler are on their side. Apparently when they came back into the house from the comp, she saw Tyler, Brett and Kaycee all celebrating together, which lead Haleigh to believe that she will most likely hit the chopping block. Fessy doesn’t think that Angela will go after Haleigh because of their deal with her and Tyler. Little does he know, Angela is coming for him too.

The HGs were comparing their scores last night. They highest you could get was a 40 if you got it in the cup at the end of the beam. Angela got a 39, Tyler got a 38 and JC got a 35. Few moments later, Fessy is talking about how proud he is that they voted Scottie out unanimously. Haleigh knocks him down a peg by telling him he is taking too much credit for that. Haleigh tells the group that when Scottie hugged her, he said “see you at the Battle Back.”

Sam avoids everyone for most of the night by cleaning the bathroom, the Storage Room floor, the spare fridge, etc. She later tells Angela that she is having a tough time being a HN this week.

Fessy found alcohol in the Storage Room and some of the HGs are drinking wine celebrating being the Top 8. They are all hanging out in the kitchen just talking and having a good time. Angela got access to her HOH room just before 1 am BBT. Her letter this week was from her friend Katherine. She tells Angela how proud she is of her, how she is texting her parents all the time. She tells Angela that her Dad has finally learned how to use emojis and she can’t wait for Angela to get home to find out which one is his favorite. Angela gets really emotional while reading her letter and skips a part of the letter so Sam tries to get the letter when she is done to see what part she skipped. She tells them they can read it later.

Tyler, Kaycee, Fessy and Haleigh linger in the room for a while. Haleigh sticks around after everyone else leaves to make sure Angela knows that she can trust her and then leaves behind everyone else. Later, Angela is talking to Tyler about who she should nominate. She is telling him how she is annoyed that it’s just Tyler and her getting blood on their hands. She is telling Tyler that it would be so easy to just send Sam to Jury, but she doesn’t want to look stupid by not taking the shot while she has it.

Tyler tells her that he thinks that Fessy and Haleigh would honor their F4 if Angela and Tyler did. Angela tells Tyler that she thinking about putting Haleigh and Sam up, hope that one of them win the POV so that they can BD Fessy. She tells Tyler that they will have to make Haleigh think she is a pawn and do damage control with Sam. Tyler tells her that if there is a Jury Battle Back (there is next week) that Bayleigh or Rockstar could come back and join up with Fessy and Haleigh. JC comes into the conversation and says that Haleigh and Fessy have to go up together. If one of them is up and the other wins the POV then she will have to nominate one of their allies. Kaycee later assures her that putting Haleigh and Fessy up together is the best move.

We ended the night with a conversation between all the L6 members. They are talking about how it makes most sense for her to put Haleigh and Fessy up together. Kaycee says that they will understand that this is a game. Angela tells them that Fessy and Haleigh wanted her to use JC as a pawn and Brett suggests they tell JC that. He still thinks that JC is still close to Fessy. Angela hopes that if she doesn’t nominate Sam that it will bring Sam closer to them and maybe make her a little less erratic.

We will find out who Angela nominates a little later today! Make sure you check back for spoilers. What do you think Angela should do?

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