Yesterday was a pretty quiet day on the Big Brother 20 live feeds. Haleigh is continuing to try and better her social game with the other HGs and the HGs continued talks about what could happen next week. Keep reading to get the details of the chats inside the Big Brother 20 house right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The house started off pretty quiet yesterday. Brett and Sam did have a talk about the conversation that Sam overheard from the HOH the night before. Brett told her he was just being cranky. She asks him just to come to her next time he feels like that and they hugged it out. Later on she got him back by giving him a ridiculous hairdo that you can see below. He mentioned that he felt like a water buffalo, they were aiming for an Ace Ventura look.

There was some talk about who everyone thought would be nominated next week. Angela thinks that if Haleigh wins HOH that Angela and Sam will be going up, but Tyler thinks that him and Sam will be going up. They also talk about how Sam would probably put Haleigh and Brett up.

Haleigh decided that she was going to keep her eviction speech short this week and also talked to Kaycee about how Fessy keeps getting upset with her for acting like nothing is wrong. He thinks she should be miserable with him.

Fessy tells JC that whoever stays this week is going after Angela next week, not Tyler. He also tells JC that he plans to use his eviction speech to pin Sam, Tyler and Brett against Angela.

Sam also did Kaycee’s hair last night in the downtime. She straightened her hair and everyone tells her that it looks awesome. It’s unbelievable how long her hair is when it’s straight.

Everyone talked about the construction going on outside. They are all speculating on what they could be building out there. They have all mentioned the possibility of a DE, Battle Back, endurance comp. They really just have no idea what’s going on this week. We however know they are prepping for a Jury Battle Back.

JC worked on trying to get Tyler to split Kaycee and Angela up again. Tyler tells JC that Brett is worried Angela and Kaycee have a F2 with Tyler as their F3, but Tyler tells JC they won’t make it that far together. Tyler just thinks that it is too soon to split them now. He thinks that Haleigh needs to go first.

It is clear that Fessy is over this game, he even told Haleigh yesterday that he is ready to be out of there. I wonder if that attitude will cause him to fail at the Jury BB. Haleigh is completely annoyed with Fessy at this point and I can’t say I blame her. I think that she is doing the right thing by improving her social game rather than being locked away in a room with Fessy somewhere listening to him cry.

Nothing else really crazy happened on the feeds yesterday. Make sure you take a minute to vote in our Favorite Big Brother HG poll right here and I will have results for you later this afternoon and come back tonight to see what this 9 and a half hour POV Comp is all about!

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