It was Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 20 house and while one nom is working on their social game, the other has been spending most their time in bed, sleeping. The HGs are also starting to catch on to the fact that something big is going to happen this week. Keep reading our Big Brother 20 live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers from yesterday!

The day started off really slow with Brett making another one of his many bacon concoctions and makes a joke about how he is happy everyone is awake just in case there is another house fire.

Angela and Kaycee are playing checkers and Kaycee mentioned to Angela that she thinks this week is going to be a Battle Back. She talks about how production stopped her from talking about it. Angela tells her that all the people in Jury hate her and she doesn’t even want to think about that being a possibility (the look on her face later is going to be priceless).

A little later, L6 is talking about how they didn’t get a chance to try Sam’s prison booze. Tyler is talking about the mold that was on top of it and Brett tells them that they all would have ended up sick if they did try it.

At one point Haleigh went in to check on Fessy to see if he need anything or if he was hungry and tried to get him up to do something. He tells her that he just wants to sleep. She tells him that he can’t sleep for the next 48 hours. Later his sleeping is the topic of conversation between Kaycee and Haleigh. Kaycee wondered how he could sleep so much and Haleigh tells her that he is just really upset. She adds that she doesn’t know why he is so upset because he won’t talk to her. Kaycee tells her not to let it bother her because she (Haleigh) has tried to make him feel better.

Angela had gotten super emotional in the DR yesterday afternoon and while Kaycee and Haleigh were comforting her, they made a joke about how Angela does have emotions after all (Zingbot told her she was heartless, soulless and emotionless).

Later in the evening, Haleigh and Fessy are finally talking. He tells her that he is sad that this is his last day in the house with her. He then asks her why she has been hanging out with Angela and the others. She gets aggravated with him and tells him she will play her game her way and he can play his game his way. She also told him that if he does get to stay he needs to play strong.

Angela and Tyler are talking about JC and how they think he has a thing for Tyler and that’s why he is mad at Angela. She also knows that Brett is pretending to be interested in her to try and get her to not like Tyler. They both talk about the possibility of them being found out and agree that the only people’s opinions that would matter to them is Brett and Kaycee. They would hope that they wouldn’t react negatively about Tyler and Angela liking each other.

Talk turns to the what if this is a DE and Angela mentions going after Haleigh and Sam. Angela then wonders if they should take a shot at JC if it’s a DE. Tyler mentions that Haleigh has taken shots at both of them and Angela agrees. Later, Angela and Brett have the same conversation and they decide that Haleigh and Sam should go up if it’s a DE. Brett tells her Haleigh should go first because she is a better competitor and tells her that he thinks that Haleigh would go after Angela if she won HOH and not Sam.

Tyler works on Haleigh a little bit later about targeting Sam if she should win HOH this week instead of Angela. She had mentioned how Sam would probably go after her and JC if she won, but Tyler tells her that Sam has been acting weird and could possibly target him and Brett. Haleigh told Tyler that Sam needs to go and he started to push that idea with her a little.

Last night JC opened the door to the toilet stall on Haleigh and wouldn’t close it. Haleigh had to yell to production. He was questioned by the other HGs about it and got really defensive with Sam and Tyler. Sam is telling him it’s f***** up that he wouldn’t close the door, he is telling her that Haleigh scared the crap out of him and he knew that she had clothes on and she wasn’t being seen. He gets upset with Sam. He tells Haleigh he ran around the corner when he left the door open just to let her suffer for a little bit. She laughs it off and then goes out to give him a hug. He is still really frustrated about Sam coming at him like she did.

JC is still trying to convince Tyler that Kaycee and Angela have a F2 and that they have to split them up before they target Brett. JC is telling Tyler about how Brett was giving Angela a massage without her shirt on and Tyler tells him to change the subject. Tyler goes to Kaycee later and tells her that she has to make sure that JC knows that she isn’t coming for him. Kaycee also teased Tyler about Angela and asked him if anything was official yet. He tells her that they cuddle, but that’s it. Kaycee promises not to tell anyone.

There wasn’t much else on the feeds yesterday. Sam was really upset last night because of JC’s inappropriate prank on Haleigh. Everyone in L6 is planning to nominate Sam and Haleigh if they should win the HOH. They are all going to be really shocked that tonight is a Jury Battle Back especially because most of them are planning for a DE and not a BB. Make sure you come back in a little bit to let me know who you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother!

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