Tonight on Big Brother 20 we will watch as the HOH and the nominees are joined by three more HGs in this week’s Power of Veto comp! After the comp, we will find out if the POV will be used to save one of this week’s noms. If you don’t want to wait to find out, you can get all the information in our Big Brother spoilers! Otherwise, keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode!

We started this episode of Big Brother 20 off with the fallout after the nomination ceremony. Sam tells us that her nominations were because she doesn’t like that they are laying all over the guys and using their flirtiness to get through the game. She tells us that she is very old fashioned and she thinks that being a lady will get her further in the game. No one in the house is happy with Sam for personally attacking Haleigh and Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn is apologizing to the men if she said or did anything disrespectful to them and Sam stops her and tells her that actions speak louder than words. Kaitlyn tells her that she is trying to say something and Sam tells her that it’s still just her talking. Haleigh says that she not only respects everyone in the house, but she respects herself as well. Sam tells them that whatever is fueling their fire now, use it in the competition.

Tyler goes up to the HOH after the nomination ceremony to talk to Sam. She tells Tyler that they are going to get through the POV and if someone is taken off the block as a result, she is going to renom Rockstar. She tells Tyler that she thinks Rockstar has made herself a huge target with all the whole Brett thing.

After crying to Tyler, Haleigh, and Brett in the lounge, Kaitlyn goes to talk to Sam. She tells Sam that she is upset about two things that she said and Sam tells her that she notices how close she is to Tyler and Fessy. Kaitlyn tells her that she just likes to be affectionate and she tells Sam that she is a very empowered female. Sam tells her that she thinks that they have two very different ideas about what being an empowered female is. She also tells Kaitlyn that if she should win the POV, she has no intentions of changing her nominations. Kaitlyn tells her that she is going to win this POV and take herself off the block.

Fessy is having a hard time with this week in particular. His best friend in the house and the girl he likes in the house are on the block together. He goes to talk to Kaitlyn and he tells her to pick him for the Veto. She tells him that she is scared to because she doesn’t know if he would save her with the POV. Fessy tells her that he will save her with the Veto if he wins. He then tells Haleigh to pick him for Veto too. She tells him that she doesn’t want to put him in the position where he has to pick between her or Kaitlyn if he wins. He tells us that his feelings for Haleigh have him wanting to save her more if he wins the Veto. They both tell him that they will pick him to play if they get Houseguests Choice.

It’s time to pick players for the POV Comp!

  • Sam picks JC (HG choice)
  • Kaitlyn picks Rockstar
  • Haleigh picks Fessy (HG choice)

Kaitlyn is worried about this pick because she wonders if he has promised her that he would save her if he was picked. After the players are picked, Rachel Rielly shows up at the Big Brother house. She is there to host the POV Comp! Before they head out to the yard, Kaitlyn asks Fessy if it comes down to the two of them if she should throw it to him. He tells her to throw it to him if she can. He then tells Haleigh that Kaitlyn told him that she would throw it to him if it came down to them and Haleigh asks him why she would do that? He tells her because she thinks he is going to save Kaitlyn but he is going to save Haleigh. She says okay.

This is a twist from the Punch, Kick, Slap comp from last season. They will stand in the center of a machine and the Chop, Bonk and Spank machine will do a series of actions and then the HGs will be asked questions about what happened. The HG with the most correct answers will win. After the first question, everyone gets a point. After the second question, Sam and Fessy get another point which puts them in the lead. After the third question, everyone gets a point except Sam which puts Fessy in the lead. Poor JC is at the right level where the “chop” is hitting him in his genitals.

After the fourth question, everyone but Haleigh gets a point, Fessy is still in the lead. After the fifth question, everyone gets a point, Fessy is still in the lead. After the sixth question, Fessy, and Kaitlyn get a point, Fessy is in the lead and Kaitlyn is in second. After the final question, Kaitlyn intentionally gets the question wrong and Fessy gets the question right which gives him the POV!

Fessy tells us that he has no idea what he is going to do with it. Fessy is crying in his DR session because he has put himself in a predicament with Haleigh and Kaitlyn. They are both happy he won because he won and they think he is going to save them, but they don’t know that he promised them both! Haleigh is wondering why Fessy is so conflicted. He tells her that he can’t just act like nothing is wrong and he knows what he’s doing. He tells her that he promises that he has her back.

Kaitlyn tells us that she noticed a vibration in Fessy’s energy…She starts to question him and what he’s going to do with the POV. She realizes that he also promised Haleigh to save her. She tells him that she threw the competition to him thinking that his promise to save her was legit. She tells him that he shouldn’t have shaken her hand then. He tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it right now. She tells him that he knows she will go home this week and he asks her, “what do you want me to do Hale….Kaitlyn?” She gets up and leaves when he calls her by the wrong name.

Tyler is talking to Sam to make sure that her plan is to put up Rockstar as a renom. He is trying to get Sam to tell her who she is planning to renom, but she won’t tell him. She tells us that she doesn’t want anyone to know because she doesn’t want anyone to try and change her mind.

It’s now time for the Veto Ceremony! Fessy tells them that he decided to use the POV on Haleigh and Sam needs to pick a renom. She goes to put JC up, but he tells her that it’s not the right thing to do and he wouldn’t do that to her before she says his name. She picks Rockstar then as her renom. She then tells the house about her Power App and that whoever is evicted will have a chance to come back into the house this week. Kaitlyn is not happy with Fessy at all. Rockstar isn’t happy about her being the renom when there is a bully in the house (Brett). JC is upset because Sam was about to nominate him and he is one of her friends in the house.

Make sure you come back tomorrow night to find out who is evicted and then how they have the chance to return into the game!

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