Tonight we will watch as Kaitlyn or Rockstar will be evicted from the Big Brother 20 house and then given a chance to come back into the house. If you have missed any of the drama in the Big Brother house, catch up with our Big Brother spoilers. Make sure you refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20!

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother off with the fall out of the POV Ceremony. Tyler is talking about how keeping Kaitlyn around is beneficial to him and his alliance. Tyler is talking to Kaitlyn about the votes and tells her that she is safe this week. She tells Tyler that she is going to win HOH next week and take Fessy out for not saving her with the POV.

Brett and Tyler are talking with Angela and JC. They are trying to get Rockstar out, but JC wants Kaitlyn out of the house. He tells them that she is unpredictable and has no loyalty. Meanwhile, Fessy and Kaitlyn are talking and Fessy is sick of the endless cycles with her. She is always trying to guilt him for not using the POV. He knows that if he votes her out, he will be her number one target.

Tyler mentions that Kaitlyn is flippy floppy. Brett adds to the conversation with Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee that he is thinking that they need to get rid of Kaitlyn. He thinks that Rockstar is a non-threat, but Kaitlyn is a threat to their alliance. He brings up what Kaitlyn did to Swaggy and how she flipped on her own alliance.

Tyler tells Sam that they don’t know what is going on with the vote at this point. Sam tells him that if it comes down to a tie she is doing dots in a cup and they are both going to be Kaitlyn’s color. She wants Kaitlyn out. Who will be evicted and then compete to come back into the house? We are going to find out shortly! It is time for the live vote and eviction! Here is how the votes landed!

  • JC – Rockstar
  • Bayleigh – Kaitlyn
  • Haleigh – Kaitlyn
  • Fessy – Kaitlyn
  • Brett – Kaitlyn
  • Tyler – Kaitlyn
  • Angela – Kaitlyn
  • Kaycee – Kaitlyn
  • Rachel – Kaitlyn
  • Scottie – Kaitlyn

With that, Kaitlyn is the evictee tonight but she has a chance to stay in the game! Now we will watch as Kaitlyn competes for a chance back into the Big Brother house! Here we go! Kaitlyn is told that she has to disassemble a puzzle of herself and put it into this glass house and then re-assemble it to be able to re-enter the house. She has two and a half minutes to do this. She gets it apart and threw the hole in the glass house and then runs to the other side to start reassembling it. She is scrambling to put it together and she finally lays it down to put it together. She then gets it together, but can’t lift it. She then has to put it back on the stand, but gets flustered and can’t do it. Kaitlyn runs out of time and she is evicted from the Big Brother 20 house!

Stay tuned for this week’s HOH spoilers coming up as soon as the feeds return!

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