Tonight we will watch as the HGs in the Big Brother 20 house vote to evict either Rachel or Brett. After the live eviction, we will then watch as the remaining HGs compete to be the next HOH! Keep refreshing this page often to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 and join in the conversation below in the comments or on social media! 

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 off with the fallout from the POV Ceremony. Rachel is talking to Angela about how she doesn’t understand why everyone thinks she should be okay with this. Meanwhile, Tyler goes up to see Bayleigh and she thanks him for not using the POV this week. Tyler tells us that he just wants her trust until her power is gone and then he will put her up so fast…

Kaycee and Angela are talking about how they should really think about evicting Rachel instead of Brett because they can’t trust her. Brett is telling Tyler that he is nervous about the eviction this week. JC walks into the yard while they are talking and they are trying to plant the seed that there is a possibility that there might be an all-girl alliance. Brett tells him that if he leaves the house that leaves seven girls versus four guys.

Later, Tyler talks to Sam and asks her what she plans on doing with her vote and she tells him she will vote whatever way she wants him to. He tells her that he wants to save Brett this week. Meanwhile, Scottie, Bayleigh, Fessy, Rockstar, and Haleigh think that Tyler is voting for Rachel to stay, but in reality, Tyler is voting with the other side of the house to keep Brett.

We then see Tyler tell Brett about Bayleigh’s power app and he starts thinking about how he can use this. Later, Haleigh is in the hammock and Fessy is playing pool. Brett goes to talk to Haleigh and Fessy gets jealous and goes inside. Hours later, Brett and Haleigh as still outside talking and Fessy is in bed staring into space. He gets out of bed and sees them still outside talking. Brett is pitching himself to her and she tells him that she is “pro-Brett.” I think she is just telling him what he wants to hear.

We get a look at Bayleigh’s family and Swaggy C is going to meet them for the first time and he is pretty nervous. He seems to do pretty well meeting them and gets to watch Bayleigh win the HOH. After this commercial break, we will get started with the live voting! Stay tuned to find out who is evicted tonight from the Big Brother house!

Here are the votes!

  • Rockstar – Brett
  • Angela – Rachel
  • Kaycee – Rachel
  • Scottie – Brett
  • Tyler – Rachel
  • Sam – Rachel
  • Fessy – Brett
  • JC – Rachel (that’s enough votes for Rachel to go home)
  • Haleigh – Brett

With a vote of 5-4 Rachel has been blindsided and evicted from the Big Brother house. Stay tuned for the HOH competition results coming up right here shortly! The HGs were all told to study GIFs for this week’s HOH. Now it’s time for the HGs to answer a series of true or false questions, if they answer correctly they stay in the game, answer wrong and they are eliminated.

  • After the first question – Kaycee is eliminated
  • After the second question – no one is eliminated
  • After the third question – JC is eliminated
  • After the fourth question – Sam is eliminated
  • After the fifth question – Brett, Fessy, Tyler, and Scottie are eliminated
  • After the sixth question – Haleigh is eliminated
  • After the seventh question – both got it right it’s time for a tiebreaker

After the tiebreaker, Angela wins the HOH!

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