Tonight on Big Brother 20, we will watch as a new twist is introduced into the game. With the Hacker Comp, the winner will gain the power to change the Big Brother game. If you don’t want to wait to find to find out what has happened in the Big Brother house this week, check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the details. Otherwise, you can keep refreshing this page and reading along with our Big Brother live recap to find out!

We start off with the fallout after the HOH. Brett is so excited that he is still in the house and that his eviction speech has turned the house upside down. Meanwhile, Rockstar is upset that she didn’t win the HOH because now she can’t get to see her family.

Bayleigh flips out on Brett for outing her power app to the whole house. He tells her that he was put on the block and needed to defend himself. Bayleigh then goes to Rockstar and accuses her of voting the other way.

The HGs are called into the living room to be told about the Hacker Comp. This comp will happen for two weeks, it will happen after the nomination ceremony both weeks and the winner of the comp will be able to hack the game. The Hacker will be able to take one nominee off the block and replace it with an HG of their choosing, they can then pick one player for the POV comp and they can also eliminate one vote on eviction night! Angela is not happy about this because she will have no control over her own HOH, but Haleigh thinks that this could be great for someone on her side of the house to win.

Sam calls a house meeting and proposes that they throw her the comp and she won’t use it. Rockstar tells her that she is volunteering to get the power for the week. She is trying to tell people that they could play the game like it didn’t exist, but everyone tells her that it might be too tempting for someone and this would make it easier for them to snatch it up and use it the way they want. She tells them to forget it then and go back to what they were all doing.

Angela is talking about putting Scottie and Rockstar on the block, but Tyler mentions that if they have a chance to take Bayleigh out, they need to get her out. Angela tells them that the best way to do that would be if one of them got the Hacker and put her up anonymously. Later, Bayleigh goes up to talk to Angela and she tells Angela all about her app.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Angela has nominated Scottie and Rockstar. She tells them that this is an odd week to be HOH because there are power apps and this Hacker comp and tells them that she has no real strategy going forward this week. She wishes everyone luck. Rockstar starts falling apart moments later and is feeling really defeated after being nominated. Haleigh goes to talk to her and tells her that one of them can win the Hacker comp and change it. When Haleigh leaves, Rockstar closes the wall to the pink bedroom, gets under her blanket and says “I’m getting my ass kicked in this stupid ass game.”

It is time for the Hacker Comp. We find out that the winner of this comp is kept secret. They will have scrambled words come up on their screen and for each word they unscramble, they get a point. The HG with the most points will win the Hacker comp. Going into the 7th and final round there is a three-way tie between Tyler, Haleigh, and Scottie and Haleigh is the only one who manages to answer the final question right. Haleigh is this week’s Hacker.

The HGs get back into the house and Haleigh lies to everyone and says that she only got two and Scottie tells them that someone must have cleaned up because he got three right and still lost. Everyone is called to the living room for the message from the Hacker. The Hacker has decided to remove Scottie from the block and replaces him with Tyler! Haleigh is doing a great job at pretending to be surprised about this. Sam is in tears. Haleigh tells us that Tyler has been playing the middle the whole game and if she didn’t make this move, no one else would.

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