It is night two of the Big Brother 20 premiere and tonight we will watch as the 16 HGs battle it out for the first HOH! After the HOH comp we will watch as the new HOH set their sights on two HGs and puts them up for eviction! Make sure you refresh this page often to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2018!

Big Brother 20 Live Recap Episode 2 - First HOH Comp of the Summer!

We have gotten some Big Brother spoilers in the last week, but tonight we will see how it played out. Who do you want to see make it far in this game? Who do you find the most annoying? Join in on the conversation in the comments below and let me know! 

Make sure you refresh this page often to get the newest information about tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

After Swaggy C picked the eight houseguests he was saving, he put a pretty big target on his back. Angela, Kaitlyn, JC, and Rockstar are in the pantry talking about Swaggy C and how he made the biggest mistake of his game by not picking Angela and her group. Swaggy was outside the door though and heard everything. Later, Kaitlyn and Swaggy C were talking and she had since calmed down a bit and realized that he made the best decision for his game.

Later Kaitlyn is holding a meditation circle in the kaleidoscope room. Out in the kitchen, everyone is chatting then Sam hears the “Robot Offline” announcement and can’t be any more happy about it. While she is getting back into the house, Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, and Rockstar have all started this little alliance.

It is time for the HOH comp! Swaggy C reads off the card and they all find out that the only HGs competing in this week’s HOH comp are the eight that are in danger of eviction! The eight HGs that Swaggy saved are not eligible to play. They will be racing across a balance beam to retrieve “deletion dots” to put in their opponent’s tubes when a HG gets 10 dots in their tube, they are eliminated.

Steve is an early target and everyone seems to be targeting him first. Sam has also found a target on her back and Winston started putting dots in her tube and Angela follows him and starts helping him out. Sam ends up being the first one eliminated. Poor Steve can’t keep his balance on his beam and hasn’t gotten a single dot in anyone’s tube. Steve ends up eliminated second. Kaitlyn was eliminated third, Winston has been deleted fourth. Angela is the fifth one out and JC is out sixth which leaves Bayleigh and Tyler. Tyler wins the first HOH comp!

After the HOH comp, Sam really feels like she was targeted, she feels like the rest of the house shunned her. She is really upset, but Rachel was there to hear her out and told her to gather her thoughts and talk to Tyler. Winston, Rachel, Angela, and Brett are all talking and they decide Kaycee would be a great part of this group too. They all think that they can get Tyler in with them and have this big alliance with the HOH to keep themselves safe this week.

Winston goes to Tyler with the proposition of him, Brett, Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, and Tyler being an alliance. He thinks it’s a great idea. Meanwhile, Sam is cutting melon when all of a sudden the “Robot Online” announcement comes and Sam is pretty upset because she hasn’t had a chance to talk to Tyler. Sam pulls Tyler into the storage room to talk to him and he is trying to convince her that she is not his target this week. He doesn’t seem to want her gone yet and even tells her that, so who is his target?

Kaitlyn and Faysal come in to talk to Tyler and they are talking when Rockstar comes in. They are talking about how Winston and Angela are clearly working together and one of them should be the target. Rockstar thinks that putting Sam and Steve would be a bad idea. Swaggy then walks in and says the same thing and Tyler is catching on to the fact that Swaggy and the rest of them in the room are working together.

Later Bayleigh and Tyler are talking and she is telling him that she thinks that he should put up the two people that were out first up, being Sam and Steve. Tyler tells her that Swaggy had this other idea of putting Winston and Angela up and Bayleigh tells Tyler that her and Swaggy are “basically family” in the house. That drew the line in the sand for her. Tyler is wondering if he should go the easy route and put Steve and Sam up or make a big move and put Winston and Angela up. Winston and Angela are in his “alliance” though.

It is time for the nomination ceremony and all the HGs are outside. When they are coming inside, Kaycee’s pinwheel starts spinning and she has to stay outside. Tyler nominates Sam and Steve. He tells them both that there is no rhyme or reason for anyone to go home first and he chose them because they were the first two to fall from the comp. Make sure you come back tomorrow for any information I pick up off the feeds overnight! I’m sure some interesting things have been going on this week since the noms were put in place!

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