Tonight we will watch as Rockstar or Bayleigh become the first member of the Big Brother 20 jury. After that we will see the remaining HGs compete in the next Head of Household! Who will be evicted? Who will be in power? Keep reading out Big Brother recap for all the details! 

We started this live show off with a look at the aftermath of the Veto Meeting. Bayleigh is talking about how she was blindsided by the renom and Haleigh is telling us that she is feeling guilty that Bayleigh is being called out for what she is doing.

We then get a look at Brett’s punishment for the week. He got to spend 24 hours with Jesse’s granny. She showed up randomly for 24 hours. Woke him up in the middle of the night, made him a sweater, fed him, made him rub her feet and spilled her pills all over the floor and made him pick them all up. Brett was not enjoying this at all. It was pretty entertaining to watch though.

Bayleigh and Haleigh are having a conversation in the pink room and Bayleigh is wondering who the Hacker could be and if they are working with the other side of the house. Haleigh is telling us in the DR that she feels terrible because she wants to say something but doesn’t know if it’s going to help Bayleigh or if it’s going to hurt her game.

We then get a look at Haleigh deciding that she needed to tell Bayleigh that she is the Hacker. Bayleigh is upset, but grateful that Haleigh told her. She tells Haleigh that she is pissed, but not at Haleigh. She is pissed at everyone in the house for being so quick to throw her under the bus. Haleigh tells her that she wants to have a house meeting to tell everyone.

The next thing we see is the house meeting take place. Haleigh starts the meeting off with how everyone owes Bayleigh an apology and tells everyone she was the Hacker. She tells Tyler that she didn’t target him for personal reasons and apologizes to Angela for taking over her HOH. She then tells the house that Tyler went to Bayleigh to ask for Angela to be BD’d. Tyler tells them that’s hilarious and Bayleigh flips on him for trying to lie. Bayleigh retreats to the bedroom and Tyler goes up to the HOH with Angela and JC.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! Here is how the votes landed after the Hacker canceled Tyler’s vote

  • Kaycee – Bayleigh
  • Brett – Bayleigh
  • Fessy – Bayleigh
  • Scottie – Bayleigh (that’s enough votes)
  • Haleigh – Bayleigh
  • Sam – Rockstar
  • JC – Bayleigh

With a vote of 6-1 Bayleigh Dayton is the first member of the jury! Tyler took a sigh of relief and Bayleigh left the house after saying bye and hugging everyone in the house, including Tyler. During her exit interview, Julie told her that Swaggy went to see her parents and she was thrilled that her family loved him. She then gets to take a look at her good-bye messages and I’m really disappointed that there wasn’t one of JC eating pita chips.

It is time for the HOH comp! This is a memory comp and they will face off two at a time. They will be shown a series of photos and a hashtag and will have to match the hashtag with the correct photo. The first HG to answer correctly moves on and the other is eliminated, the HG moving on picks the next two. Sam and JC are up first, Sam is eliminated. JC picks Rockstar and Tyler to go next and Tyler is eliminated. Rockstar picks Kaycee and Brett and Kaycee is eliminated. Brett picks Haleigh and Fessy to go next and Fessy is eliminated. Haleigh picks Scottie and Brett to go next and Scottie is eliminated. Brett picks Haleigh and Rockstar to go next and Rockstar is eliminated. JC and Brett go next and JC is eliminated leaving Brett is eliminated. Leaving Haleigh and JC to face off in the final round. Haleigh rings in and picks the correct photo and wins HOH!

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