Tonight we will watch as the HOH for week 9 on Big Brother 20 is crowned! After that, we will find out which two HGs they decided to put on the chopping block this week. Keep refreshing this page and reading our Big Brother 20 live recap for all the details! If you don’t want to wait to find out the details, feel free to check out our Big Brother spoilers.

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 off with the HOH comp. The HGs are looking through the ball pits for tokens to turn in for balls to roll down a beam. If the HGs get the ball into a cup at the end or locks in the highest score after one hour will win this week’s HOH. The HGs take a shot and they can decide whether they are going to lock in the score or try again.

JC isn’t trying win this comp, he is just having fun jumping into the ball pits. Sam is just hoarding tokens and she is handing them out to the other HGs as long as they promise not to put her up if they win. With just 15 minutes left, Kaycee gets a 34 and decides not to lock it in. Angela goes and she manages to get a 39 and locks it in because she doesn’t think that anyone else from L6 is going to step up.

The rest of the HGs continue to roll and Tyler tells us that he is a bowler, this is his comp and he tries to get a perfect score but he rolls a 38, which isn’t good enough to beat Angela. Brett comes really close to getting a perfect score, but rolled it too hard. Haleigh has done that a few times already. No one is able to beat Angela’s score of 39 and Angela wins this week’s HOH! Haleigh is having mixed emotions about this win because even though her and Fessy have this new alliance with Angela and Tyler, she is still a little worried.

Angela is going back and forth about whether or not she should honor her alliance with Fessy and Haleigh or go after them. In the blue bedroom, Angela, Tyler, Brett and Kaycee are all celebrating when Haleigh walks in and tries to join them, but they stop. Fessy walks in a few moments later telling Haleigh that they are good and Haleigh tells them, no we’re not. She tells him that she saw Tyler, Angela, Brett and Kaycee celebrating and they stopped when she walked in. Fessy is telling her to calm down and that they are good, but Haleigh doesn’t think so.

Brett, Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are talking about what should happen this week. Angela tells us that she doesn’t want to have to get blood on her hands for a second time. Angela would really like to put Sam up and take her out this week. Later, Angela talks to Haleigh and Angela talks about wanting to put Sam up and Haleigh offers herself as a pawn. She then goes to Fessy and tells him that Angela was thinking about using her as a pawn. Fessy then goes to talk to Angela and asks her what she is thinking. She tells him “same plan” and he tells her that she can’t pawn Haleigh and promises that Haleigh isn’t going after her.

He has the same conversation with Tyler. Haleigh is getting annoyed because she isn’t the type of person to let a man speak for her and he tells her to let him talk to Tyler. He completely shuts her down in front of Tyler. Later she tells him that she didn’t appreciate the way he talked to her earlier in front of Tyler. She reminds Fessy that Tyler and Angela don’t owe her anything, she put Tyler up as the hacker and put Angela up during her HOH. He was talking to Tyler like they owed Haleigh something, when they don’t and she was trying to deescalate the situation in the proper way and he wasn’t helping.

We get a bit of a look at Angela and Tyler’s friendship/showmance. It’s actually really cute and I can see them having something outside of the house. We get a back and forth DR session glimpse at them being asked about their friendship and they both admit to liking the other one, Tyler is wearing her hoodie in his DR session. After that we get a look at her and Tyler talking about what she should do for noms this week. She is really leaning towards getting Sam out this week and playing it safe, but she knows that getting Fessy or Haleigh out is better for their game.

JC and Brett are talking about how the best move for their alliance this week is to put Fessy and Haleigh up together because if she puts Sam up with Haleigh and Fessy wins the POV, she will have to put up one of their allies next to Sam. He tells Angela that and she realized that the only move she has is to put Fessy and Sam up. JC also promises to vote out Fessy this week.

Fessy and Haleigh are still really awkward and when he asks her if she wants him to talk to Angela for her and Haleigh tells him whatever he wants to do. She does tell him regardless that she has to talk to her before noms. Fessy goes up to talk to Angela and he asks her what she is thinking for noms and she tells him that Haleigh is going up as a pawn, but she doesn’t tell him next to who. He assumes that she would be next to Sam and asks if Angela thinks that Sam would go home and she tells him she would. He tells her that he is just worried about Haleigh sitting on the block on Thursday.

Angela in the DR is telling Fessy not to worry because Haleigh will be just fine, sitting on the block, next to him. Looks like Angela made up her mind on who was going up on the block this week. It is time for the nomination ceremony and just as planned, Angela nominates Haleigh and Fessy for eviction. Fessy looks shocked. She tells them that there is a quote that her mom used to use “day late and a dollar short” and she tells them that they waited until Day 60 something to offer a peace agreement with her. She is worried that if she didn’t take this shot that history would repeat itself and Haleigh would come after her again. Haleigh is worried that she will be left alone in the house if one of them doesn’t win the POV. Fessy tells us that he should have gone after Kaycee, Tyler and Angela last week. Could have told you that.

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