Tonight we will watch as the Big Brother 20 HGs vote to evict either Haleigh or Fessy from the Big Brother house. After the live eviction, we will watch as the newest evictee battles again Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie for a chance back into the house! Get all the details here by refreshing this page often and keep an eye out for any other Big Brother spoilers later tonight! 

We start tonight’s episode off with a look at the aftermath of the Veto Ceremony. Fessy and Haleigh are talking and she asks him why he is mad at her. She adds that it’s hard to spend time with him when he has an attitude. He mentions that he wants to be able to spend this time with her, but she reminds him that she has to start thinking about her game. He tells her that he is going to set her up to be safe for a couple weeks with his eviction speech, but doesn’t give her any details.

We then get a look at Brett and Tyler talking about a F2 pitch. This footage was actually from when they were in the HOH while everyone else was competing in the POV Comp. Funny how they randomly threw this in after the POV Ceremony happened. When Brett gets up and goes to wash his hands, Tyler mouths “four final twos?”

We then get a look at JC trying to convince Tyler to split Kaycee and Angela up as soon as they can. He tells Tyler that they have a F2 and they can’t move forward if those two are still together. Tyler tells him that there is not a chance that he can convince Tyler to take out Kaycee and Angela before Haleigh. JC then tells Brett his thoughts about splitting Kaycee and Angela up. He mentions how if they get Haleigh and Sam out next, Brett and him become targets. Brett is telling him that they have to keep their mouth shut for now. Brett also tells him that he thinks there is a Battle Back and not a single one of them coming back is going to be good for his game. Live eviction is coming up next!

After the eviction speeches here is how the votes landed:

  • Tyler – Fessy
  • Brett – Fessy
  • Sam – Haleigh
  • JC – Fessy
  • Kaycee – Fessy

With a vote of 4-1, Fessy is evicted and joining in on the Big Brother Battle Back! After the HGs are told that this is the night of the Jury Battle Back and they are told that they will not be able to watch the comp. They will not know who it is until they walk back into the house. We get a look at the Jury House footage and then we get back to the backyard where Scottie, Rockstar and Bayleigh are waiting to find out who is joining them in this comp. When Fessy walks out to the yard, the first thing he does is hug Scottie and apologizes.

In this comp, the Jury Members will have to race to retrieve balls in the color they are wearing and put them in a tube. The first juror with their tube filled will win their way back into the house. At the end of the competition, Scottie won his way back into the Big Brother house! Everyone is really excited to see Scottie walk through the doors. Make sure you stay tuned for the HOH comp results coming up later tonight!

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