Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 will pick up right after the nomination ceremony where Tyler nominated Sam and Steve for eviction. We will see everyone’s reaction to them being put on the block and see how it played out. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2018! If you are behind on what’s been going on in the Big Brother house, check out my Big Brother spoilers to get caught up!

Big Brother 20 Live Recap Episode 3 - Twist Revealed to the HGs!

After we watch the backlash from the nomination ceremony, we will watch as the HGs learn about the big twist of the summer. As we know, the HGs will earn powers and receive punishments based on how viewers answer a series of questions. Who will receive the power and who will get the punishment? Keep reading to find out right here! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2018! 

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 off with the end of the nomination ceremony. A bunch of the HGs head out into the yard and Tyler starts crying. He is telling Steve that he is sorry for having to put him on the block. He tells us that he is putting on the waterworks a little bit. Sam-Bot is sitting in the storage room and she tells Rockstar to tell all the HGs that she wants to do one on ones with everyone.

They all seem to be going well until Kaitlyn comes in and Sam-Bot gets a little irritated that she is giving her a pep talk instead of telling her how she is feeling about the nominations. This happens during Tyler’s one on one with Sam-Bot and when Kaitlyn leaves the room, Tyler tells her she can’t yell at people like that, it’s just going to get her on their bad side.

We get a look now at Scottie and Steve outside talking. Meanwhile, Swaggy C and Bayleigh are talking and they seem to really be getting along. She tells him that she hates his nickname though because he gave it to himself, no one gave it to him. We get a look at Kaycee and how her punishment is affecting her social game. She has missed out on a lot of things because her pinwheel starts spinning and she is stuck where she is.

Then we have the start of the Level 6 alliance which consists of Rachel, Kaycee, Brett, Winston, Tyler, and Angela. They are talking about how they have to stay lowkey and stay under the other alliance’s radar. Later, Swaggy C is talking to Kaitlyn and Tyler about Bayleigh and how he doesn’t want to be in a showmance with her and put his game at risk. Bayleigh is in the yard saying the same thing. She doesn’t want to be in a showmance and she is boycotting Swaggy. Later that night though we see them making out…how’s that working for you two?

Sam is having a hard time as herself and as Sam-Bot. She is feeling really lonely and invisible. When she is a robot they don’t talk to her, then she comes back as herself, no one even notices. She is crying and all of a sudden HGs start to notice, JC finally telling her that she needs to realize how lucky she is to be there and that she needs to stop being so negative about this punishment.

We then get an announcement that it’s time for the first HN’s to be announced. Tyler asks for volunteers and Kaitlyn, Winston, Brett, and Scottie end up being HNs this week! Brett, Faysal, and Swaggy are all talking while playing pool and they are talking about how the three of them and Winston should work together. Brett tells them that it has to be 100% between the four of them. After Brett goes up and tells the L6 alliance what they were saying. Swaggy is putting a big target on his back by acting like he is running the house. This is where Tyler decides that if one of the noms come down, Bayleigh will go up.

Swaggy, Faysal, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, and Rockstar are all an alliance and are trying to come up with a name for it. Moments later, they get an announcement that the BB App Store is now open. They will go in one at a time to find out if they got a power or a crap-app. Brett is the first in and he finds out that he doesn’t get anything this week. Kaitlyn is next and she also finds out she gets nothing. Bayleigh, Scottie, and Steve all get nothing as well.

Faysal goes up and finds out that he got the crap-app this week and he picks HAMazon which means that he will get a delivery of ham and have to eat it when it arrives. He is a Muslim and doesn’t eat pork though, so he is hoping that there is a ham substitute. The HGs continue to go through the BB App Store and Swaggy C is disappointed that he didn’t win the power this week because he is so full of himself he thinks everyone loves him. Sam comes in and she finds out that she won the power this week and she breaks down in tears because she didn’t think she was that popular. She then picks the Bonus Life which allows her or a HG of her choosing the chance to come back into the game if they are evicted. If by the fourth week no one uses the power, the person evicted fourth will automatically earn the right to come back!

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