Tonight we will watch as Tyler, Scottie and Haleigh are joined by three other Big Brother 20 HGs in the Power of Veto comp! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of this week’s comp and find out what happens at the POV Ceremony right here! If you don’t want to wait for the results, you can check out our Big Brother spoilers to get the details! 

We started this episode off with the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. Tyler tells us in the DR that he would prefer that Haleigh leaves this week. Tyler tells Scottie that he is a pawn this week, but Scottie plans on gunning it for the Veto to ensure his safety this week. Haleigh and Scottie are talking about how they keep messing up and losing. She then goes up to check in with Tyler to find out if she is the target this week or not. He is talking around the question.

We get a look at Sam while she is straightening Tyler’s hair. He has a towel over his face the entire time and when she is finished she has him look into the mirror and freaks out. He is talking about how he looks like a woman and then says that he looks like Joe Dirt and Kid Rock had a baby. Later, we get a look at Tyler and Angela cuddling when all of a sudden JC and Brett are walking up to the HOH. They decide to make this a game. Every time someone walks into a room and tries to catch them they get a point and every time someone out right asks them if they are in a showmance, they get two points. The points racked up quick.

It is time to pick players for the POV. Tyler picks first and he pulls Kaycee, Scottie picks HG Choice and picks Sam and Haleigh pulls JC. Haleigh is not happy with this because no one will pull her off if they win. Before the comp, we get collection of clips of Sam going absolutely nuts. The rest of the HGs are telling us that her emotional energy is exhausting to deal with and it’s bringing the moral in the house down. She even admits to completely losing it at this point.

Haleigh and Kaycee are talking and Haleigh apologizes for some of the moves she made in the game. Kaycee is telling us that she likes Haleigh and because she isn’t the target at this point, she needs to build a relationship with her in case she does end up winning HOH next week.

It is time for the Veto Comp! In this comp they will have to grab an emoji from their basket to a message bubble (the platform on the other side of the balance beam) and the first HG with all their emojis in the message bubble will win. If the HG or their emoji’s fall off the seesaw, they have to start all over. This comp isn’t as easy as it looks because if you go too fast and the ends of the seesaw slam, the emojis go flying and you have to reset. This was Scottie’s problem the whole time. Just when you think this comp couldn’t get harder, the water starts falling! This makes the seesaw really slippery.

JC and Tyler are in the lead at one point in the comp and Kaycee is right behind them. Scottie and Sam, not so much. Haleigh tells us that the only chance she has to catch up is if Tyler drops one of his emojis and he does. JC is in the lead, but Kaycee and Haleigh are not that far behind. When Kaycee is down to her last couple emojis, but her beam is super slippery from the water and when she gets to the other side of the seesaw, it looks like one of her emojis is going to fall out! She is able to get it back into the text bubble and move forward.

Haleigh and JC are still really close behind her until Haleigh has to reset because she slips off her beam. Kaycee gets her last emoji into the text bubble, walks to the other side of the beam and gently lets the beam go and runs to her buzzer. Kaycee wins the POV and Scottie and Haleigh are not feeling very safe. Scottie thinks he is a pawn, so maybe he feels a little safe.

After the comp, Tyler and Haleigh are talking about how she is feeling. He tells her that they don’t want Scottie to go and then realizes he miss spoke and tells her that she just needs to keep calm this week. Scottie and Haleigh are talking a little later and he tells her that Tyler told him he was the pawn this week when he hugged him at the noms ceremony. Haleigh goes inside and starts crying and Kaycee sees her crying. Kaycee goes to hug her and tells her that she is safe this week and that all she has to do is keep calm because Scottie doesn’t have a clue to what’s going on.

We end tonight’s episode off with the Veto Meeting. Kaycee decides not to use the POV this week and keeps the noms the same. I’m kind of upset that they didn’t show these speeches because from what the HGs were talking about after this happened they were epic speeches. Tyler tells us that L6 wants Scottie out even though he prefers to see Haleigh leave this week, but we will see what happens tomorrow night on Big Brother 20!

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