Tonight we will watch as either Haleigh or Scottie is voted out of the Big Brother 20 house and sent to the Jury House. After that, we will see the remaining HGs fight for power in this week’s HOH! Who will be evicted? Who will win HOH? Keep refreshing this page to get all the Big Brother spoilers from tonight’s episode right here!

We started tonight’s episode off with the aftermath of the POV Ceremony. Haleigh is a little emotional because she isn’t sure what to believe, is she the target or is she safe? Tyler is getting a little annoyed that she won’t stop asking if she is the target this week. He tells us that she might not be, but he can make it so she is if she doesn’t stop.

Tyler and Scottie are talking about how Scottie told Haleigh that she might be in danger and Tyler tells us that Scottie might be getting a good old fashion blindside this week. After, Tyler and Angela are hanging out in the HOH room when JC comes upstairs and Angela runs from the bed to the couch. After Angela leaves the room, JC calls Tyler out about it. Tyler tells him it’s nothing, they are from the same place and they just talk, JC tells him he doesn’t believe him. He also tells him that Brett is thinking about putting Angela and Kaycee up now because he thinks that Tyler and Angela are too close. Tyler tells us that he really needs to get JC to stop trying to target Kaycee and Angela.

After JC leaves Angela comes back in. Tyler tells Angela about how JC heard her run for the couch and the conversation turns to Angela talking about how JC annoys her and how he might be a bigger threat than Haleigh. Tyler tells us in the DR that this is not something he wants to see happen, but it might be best for his game if he lets JC take a shot at Angela because he can’t do it himself.

We then get a look at Brett and Haleigh trying to teach JC how to say the word “turtle” and then it turns to Brett trying to pump Scottie for information about the Jury. They are talking about how Rockstar hated Brett’s GBM, but hated Angela’s more. Brett is now thinking that if they hate Angela so much in the Jury and he is able to get Angela evicted, he might be able to earn their jury votes. We then see Brett talking to JC about possibly taking a shot at Angela if he wins the HOH and of course JC is all for it.

There is a conversation between Julie and Derrick, the winner from BB16. They are talking about this season so far and who he thinks could win this and he tells us that it could really be anyone’s game. He is also asked if Tyler makes it to F2, who he should bring and he tells us that he thinks that Tyler should bring Angela with him because the Jury isn’t a huge fan of hers and that’s his best chance of winning this season. The live vote and eviction is coming up next!

Here are the votes!

  • Brett – Scottie
  • Kaycee – Scottie
  • Sam – Scottie (that’s enough votes)
  • Angela – Scottie
  • JC – Scottie

It is another unanimous decision and Scottie will be rejoining the Jury house this week! Stay tuned for this week’s HOH results right here!

It is time for the HOH comp! It is called Shell or Highwater and the HGs will have to maneuver pearls down a seaweed shaped puzzle. The first HG to get three pearls in their places at the end will win. If no one gets all three pearls in three minutes, the HOH will be the HG with the most pearls in the least amount of time. Kaycee, Brett and Angela are the first three to get one, Kaycee gets a second one and so does Brett. Kaycee got all three pearls in place and wins this week’s HOH!

We ended tonight’s episode off with news from Julie! She tells us that this Thursday is Double Eviction night! Make sure you keep up with this week’s spoilers right here!

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