Tonight we will watch as two former HGs get engaged in the Big Brother backyard on Big Brother 20. After that, we will watch as Kaycee decides who were nominations are going to be for this week. If you don’t want to wait to find out who they are, you can get all caught up with our Big Brother spoilers. In the meantime, make sure you refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Big Brother!

We started this episode off with the aftermath of the HOH comp. We get a look at the photo finish of the HOH comp this week and Brett is telling us that he was hoping to win the HOH and make some moves, but he is at least safe this week. Haleigh is telling us that she is sure that she is seeing the block this week after being on the block the last two weeks. She is just wondering who she is going up against.

Meanwhile, Sam is laying alone on the bridge talking about how she hasn’t cried yet and she isn’t going to. Sam tells us in the DR that she just feels really alone in the house, but she must be doing something right if she is still there.

We then get a look at Kaycee’s HOH room reveal and Tyler points out this weird box with her name on it. When they open the box it says inside “Will you be my….” and then she reads this emotional letter from her brother. She finds out that the box was her brother’s way of asking her to be his best-woman at his upcoming wedding. She looks directly at the camera and says “yes!”

We get a segment about how Angela has an acute sense of smell. She is describing how each HG smells and how it’s just this weird thing. We get a look at her smelling things in the house from other rooms. She walked by the storage room and talks about how bad it smells and Brett is inside it talking about fish tacos.

Brett and Sam have a conversation about the likely noms this week and they are talking about how either one of them can be on the block this week but Sam knows it’s going to be her. Kaycee talks to Sam and tells her that she is probably going to go up against Haleigh on the block and all she has to do is stay calm this week and she will be alright. Kaycee is now talking to Haleigh and Haleigh is telling her that if she needs anyone, she has her in the house (she reiterates this about 15 times). Then there is an awkward silence between them and Haleigh tells her that she has her (again) and Kaycee says in the DR “yes, I do have you, as my number one target this week.”

Nicole shows up at the Big Brother house and she tells us that she thinks that she is there to host this season’s luxury competition. She is searching the house for the HGs and they are up in the HOH room for a lockdown. All of a sudden, Victor comes up on the television in the living room and he is going through all their memories over the last couple years and tells her how much she means to him. He tells her that even though he didn’t win the money, he walked out of the house with the biggest prize of them all. He then shows up from the kitchen. He has a fresh haircut and shaved, he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him! She says yes!

Then the doorbell rings and the BB20 HGs are all wondering what’s going on. Past HGs all showed up to the house to celebrate with Victor and Nicole. Brittany, Josh, Paul, Derrick, and Daniele are all there. Paul then invites all the BB20 HGs to come down and celebrate with them too! All the BB20 HGs are losing their minds over all these BB greats in the house. They have champagne and cake and then the BB20 HGs are off to start getting ready for the nomination ceremony!

Angela and Tyler are talking in the yard and he asks her for her life story and she tells him all about how she started competing in gymnastics when she was 5 and how it kind of ripped her family apart. Her mother’s relationship suffered from the long hours of gymnastics practice and commuting back and forth from Hilton Head to Savannah for practice and then competing on the weekends. Her brother resented her because he didn’t get to spend time with their mother because of her having to bring Angela to these things. It gets a little emotional and then she starts talking about how she got into track.

Kaycee has another awkward conversation with Haleigh about noms and Haleigh is wondering if she is the target or the pawn this week and Kaycee tells her that she doesn’t have a target this week. Kaycee tells her that personally, she loves Haleigh, but in the game, they have never worked together and she needs to do what is going to get her closer to the half million dollars.

It is now time for the nomination ceremony. Kaycee has nominated Haleigh and Sam this week. She tells Haleigh that she put her on the block twice and tells Sam that she voted against the house twice. She tells them both that at this point in the game, she doesn’t have that many options left. Kaycee tells us that she has Haleigh on the block as her target and Sam as her pawn this week. Haleigh tells us that she is going to fight to win the Veto and Sam tells us that she was told she was safe and she really hopes that she isn’t being played in this house.

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