Tonight on Big Brother 20, the F3 HGs will take a walk down memory lane and we will watch highlights of everything that has happened this season thus far. After that, we will watch at least the start of round 1 of the final HOH comp which took place shortly after Angela walked out of the doors on Thursday night. If you don’t want to wait to get the results of Round 1 or 2, check out our Big Brother spoilers for the details!

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We started this episode off with the F3 celebrating making it this far. Tyler and Kaycee are talking about how if it’s the two of them left in the first round of the final HOH, Kaycee should take the win. Kaycee thinks that Tyler would do better in the mental comp. Before we get to round one of the final HOH, we watch as Tyler, Kaycee, JC, and Jeff Schroeder are taking a walk down memory lane.

The first set of clips we see are all the blindsides of the season. We then get a look at the epic failure of a house meeting that happened when Haleigh told the house she was the Hacker. Remember the screaming match after between Bayleigh and Tyler where Bayleigh completely lost it. They then talk about the showmances of the season. The first one they point out was Swaggy and Bayleigh and we get some clips of Bayleigh and Swaggy. JC tells Jeff that he and Tyler were in a showmance, but Angela tried to steal Tyler away from him and that was followed by clips of their time in the house together. Jeff asks about Haleigh and Fessy and JC doesn’t think that there was anything there, but Tyler does and then we get Fessy and Haleigh clips.

Talks then turn to Kaitlyn and how jealous she got over Haleigh and Fessy talking under the covers. We get the clip of Kaitlyn and Bayleigh walking in, realizing that Fessy isn’t in the bed alone and Kaitlyn making a comment about how it looks like they were having sex. They walk out and then Kaitlyn comes back in only a few minutes later to ask Fessy where the rest of her broken bracelet was. He jumped out of the bed looking really guilty. We then get a look at Kaitlyn the life coach.

Jeff then tells the HGs that he needs to take a quick hiatus and then makes fun of JC thinking it was pronounced “yatus.” Tyler tells us that it was hilarious because JC was convinced that’s what the word was. We then talk about Brett and how he might be doing in the jury house with Rockstar. We get a clip of Rockstar calling Brett disgusting for dragging her name through the mud on her daughter’s birthday. Even though it was really the day before…

Talks turn to Sam and how she got upset with JC for throwing a comp that he didn’t throw. She got upset thinking he fell on purpose instead of her earning the HOH win for that week. We then get a look at everyone’s DRs and everyone getting super emotional. We then get a look at all the punishments of the season. Kaycee’s peanut unitard, Rockstar’s fitness and food program punishment and Brett’s Granny punishment.

We end the episode off with a look at the first round of the final HOH. In this competition, the HGs stand on a “jetpack” and the HG that stays on longest wins. These jetpacks move, tilt, quickly jolt, and it sprays stuff at them also.

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