Tonight we will watch as the HGs in the Big Brother 20 house vote to evict one of their own for the first time this season. The house has been going back and forth with their decision all week, so which way will the votes fall? Keep reading my Big Brother 2018 live recap right here for all the details! 

If you haven’t caught up on the Big Brother spoilers, make sure you do that right here and keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s show. Will Steve be evicted from the Big Brother 20 house or will Sam find herself facing eviction right in the face? Remember, Sam has the chance to come back into the game if evicted! Keep reading to find out!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the house after the POV Ceremony happened. Kaitlyn, Swaggy, Faysal, and Steve are talking about the votes in the house. Steve is convinced that he has seven votes within the house which is all he needs to stay. Meanwhile, we see Sam-Bot entering the house. They show us her wearing an apron helping Kaycee cook, they taped a bikini to her so she can get a tan and we watched as JC married Sam-Bot in the kitchen of the Big Brother house.

Meanwhile, in the HOH, Tyler, Winston, Brett, Kaycee, Angela, and Rachel are all talking about how to get the seventh vote to keep Sam. Haleigh is having a hard time figuring out what to do about Faysal and his crush on her. She knows being in a showmance is bad for her, but she really likes him. Kaitlyn is getting really jealous of the fact that her two friends are getting involved.

Kaitlyn goes upstairs to talk to Tyler about this and how annoyed she is that Faysal isn’t being honest with him about his feelings towards someone else. She thought that Faysal was her number one and now, he has Haleigh, which is actually good for the L6 alliance and their need for another vote. Tyler couldn’t be happier that she went to him about this because now he can work on getting her vote.

It is now time for the live vote and eviction! Are you ready to see how the votes fall? The votes to evict are as follows:

  • Scottie – Sam
  • JC – Steve
  • Swaggy C – Sam
  • Bayleigh – Sam
  • Rachel – Steve
  • Kaycee – Steve
  • Faysal – Sam
  • Hayleigh – Sam
  • Angela – Steve
  • Brett – Steve
  • Winston – Steve
  • Kaitlyn – Steve
  • Rockstar – Sam

With seven votes, Steve is the first HG evicted from the Big Brother house!

HOH Competition

The name of the HOH comp is Land a Job. The HGs will be launching balls into a city of different buildings with salaries attached. The HG with the highest salary will be the next HOH.

  • Scottie got $40,000
  • JC got eliminated
  • Brett got eliminated
  • Winston got eliminated
  • Sam got $50,000 (takes lead)
  • Kaycee got eliminated
  • Faysal got eliminated
  • Kaitlyn got $80,000 (takes lead)
  • Angela got eliminated
  • Bayleigh got eliminated
  • Swaggy C got eliminated
  • Rockstar got eliminated
  • Haleigh got eliminated
  • Rachel got eliminated

Kaitlyn has won HOH! The HGs that got eliminated either got eliminated by landing in the street which had no dollar amount or landed on an amount that was less than the person currently in the lead.

Julie comes back to congratulate Kaitlyn on her HOH win and then announces that the Pinwheel of Doom and Sam-Bot are officially finished!

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