Tonight we will watch as each of the Big Brother 20 HGs walk into the BB App Store for the final time. After that, we will watch as the HOH picks his nominations for the week on Big Brother 2018. If you don’t want to wait to find out the results of either, check out our Big Brother spoilers right here for the details!

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This episode starts off with the HGs chatting after the HOH comp and the hinky vote against Swaggy during the live eviction. Scottie is freaking out about winning HOH. We then see Haleigh talking to Rockstar in the storage room and she tells Rockstar that she didn’t flip. It must have been Scottie and he is trying to frame it on her.

We then watch as Bayleigh copes with losing Swaggy in the house, but gaining a new motivation to win it. Rockstar goes to talk to Fessy and she tells Fessy that it wasn’t Haleigh that flipped. She tells him that she thinks it’s Scottie and he tells her that he was wearing a Swaggy shirt, it couldn’t have been Scottie. Rockstar then calls Haleigh in and she tells Fessy that she swears she voted to keep Swaggy.

Fessy then goes to talk to Kaitlyn and asks her who were the votes and she tells him that it had to have been Fessy, Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie and Fessy gets up and says “you didn’t know Scottie was going to flip?” She starts freaking out and he starts freaking out. She asks him who he isn’t trusting right now and he tells her that he doesn’t know.

We then get a look at the Bros and their Bromance. We then see Scottie coming up with elaborate plan on how to make it seem like it’s everyone else’s idea to nominate the Bros. Scottie starts asking his questions to everyone in the house, when Tyler goes to talk to Scottie and asks him what he is thinking. Scottie starts naming people he thinks are working together and he literally named everyone in L6. He then tells Tyler that he is thinking about the Bros.

Sam goes to Scottie and she tells Scottie that the only thing she had to go on with her vote against Swaggy is that Winston voted for her to stay week one and Swaggy didn’t. He asks her if she knew for sure that Winston voted for her and she tells him that she knows Winston did, but she wasn’t sure if Brett did. Winston finds this out and now he has to do some damage control. He has to tell Scottie that he lied to Sam to make her feel better, but first he has to flip out to Brett about it.

Winston goes upstairs for his one on one and they are talking about the Steve vote. Winston tells him that he voted to keep Steve, but he had to lie to Sam about his vote. Scottie tells us in his DR that this is the stupidest thing he could do because he is trying to build trust with him by admitting to lying to someone else. Brett then comes up to talk to Scottie and he goes through this big elaborate act about how Haleigh and Rockstar were in Kaitlyn’s ear and made her put him up. Scottie admits to us that it was really hard not to buy into his BB Mist.

It is time for the BB App Store, Brett is the first to come in and he doens’t receive anything for the final BB App Store. Rockstar, Kaycee, Angela and Scottie all go in and get nothing also. Haleigh is up next and she gets an Access Granted message, but she is a little bummed to find out that she was the least trending HG. She chooses the Read It! App which requires her to read from the book Hamlet while in costume when she hears the announcement “Read It” and then stop then they tell her to stop. This punishment will stop when she has read the entire book!

Tyler and then Sam go in to the room and kill some time and keep up appearances. Winston goes in and gets nothing from America. Bayleigh goes in and she gets the Access Granted screen and finds out that she got the Power App this week! She chooses the Identity Theft app and we find out that it allows her to secretly steal the identity of the HOH at the nom ceremony and secretly pick the noms. However, the HOH can not be one of the noms and the current HOH will still control the renom at the POV Ceremony. It is only good until F8. We watch as the rest of the HGs walk in and walk out with nothing. There are now three powers in play.

After Haleigh announces that she got the final Crap-App, we get a look at Sam, Tyler and Kaycee talking and Sam is telling them all the details of her Power App because next week is the final week and it will automatically give the evicted HG a chance to get back into the house after they are evicted. She is trying to figure out if she should use it this week or not.

Winston, Brett, Kaitlyn and Angela are chatting and Winston is really worried about being put up because his game was blown up. Meanwhile, Bayleigh is talking to Scottie about who he is planning on nominating because she has this new power and wants to know if she should use it. Scottie is telling her about his conversation with Brett and she tells him that Brett is dangerous in this game because he is able to mist people and they believe him. She is lightly pushing Scottie into nominating Brett.

We end the episode with the nomination ceremony where Scottie nominates Brett and Winston for eviction. He tells them that they are the strongest relationship in this house and he won’t be able to beat them later in the game. He tells Brett that his charisma is crazy and that he is always getting lulled into what he is saying. He tells Winston that he just tried to evict him Thursday (he didn’t though) so this was a logical move.

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