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We started tonight’s premiere of Big Brother 20 off with a look at the first eight HGs! Sam, Tyler, Bayleigh, Steve, Kaitlyn, Winston, Angela, and JC are the first eight HGs to enter the house. Tyler, Bayleigh, Sam, and Winston are the first four with Bayleigh entering the house first! Steve, Angela, JC, and Kaitlyn follow moments behind them.

Steve is telling the other HGs that he is a mechanic even though he is a retired NYPD Undercover Narcotics Detective and full-time university professor. Tyler is freaking out when Angela finds out that he lives in the town she was born in and starts yelling it. He thinks that the other HGs are going to think they know each other and that’s going to put a target on his back.

The final eight HGs to enter the house are Rachel, Chris (AKA Swaggy C), Angie (AKA Rockstar), Brett, Kaycee, Scottie, Hayleigh, and Faysal. Julie has Hayleigh, Scottie, Faysal and Kaycee go in first and then Rachel, Chris, Brett, and Angie follow moments later. All the HGs are in the house!

At first, they thought that there were only two bedrooms in the house and then they realize that there is a rolling wall and another bedroom behind it. They all sit around introducing themselves and telling everyone a little about themselves. Steve tells everyone he is a mechanic, Brett lies and tells everyone he is in some kind of sales even though he is in cybersecurity.

When the ladies all find out that Scottie has never been in a relationship and never been kissed, she starts running after him, but then Julie calls them all to the living room. She tells them that there are going to be high tech twists, upgraded powers, and punishments. She then tells them that they need to get into their gear and head to the backyard!

They are told to get four women and four men on each platform. It’s called BB Supercomputer. The winner would be able to pick eight HGs to keep safe for this week and eight will be in danger this week. They are then transported to different games where eight are in a dark room and eight are hanging in the air.

The first eight are in what is called the Trash Folder and hidden in the room are seven folders, six of them are marked with “escape” and one is marked “escape and play.” The person who finds the “escape and play” folder wins and moves on, the person who doesn’t find one will receive a punishment. The room is pitch black and filled with yucky stuff.

The first one to find a folder is Tyler and he finds one that says “escape” and he is given the choice to go to the house or back into the trash folder to continue looking for the “escape and play” folder. Bayleigh finds the second folder and it’s an “escape” folder and she goes back to the house. The third person to find a folder is Brett and he finds an “escape” folder and goes back to the house. The fourth folder goes to Rachel and she finds an “escape” folder as well. She also heads back to the house.

Angela finds the “escape and play” folder and heads back to the house. JC finds an “escape” folder and goes back to the house. Winston finds the final “escape” folder leaving Kaycee without a folder which means she will get a punishment. The other eight are competing in the Cybersecurity Zone. They are all accused of being robots and underneath them are blocks with letters. The first HG to spell the word “houseguest” wins and the last person to do it will get a punishment.

The winner of this comp is Swaggy C, I guess that’s what he wants to be called, and Scottie finished second. Steve finished third, Faysal finished fourth, Kaitlyn finished fifth, Rockstar (that’s what Angie is being called) finished sixth and it’s down to Sam and Hayleigh. Hayleigh manages to pull off the finish and Sam gets the punishment for that group.

Everyone is in the house except for Sam and Kaycee. Bayleigh is giving Swaggy C some advice on how to play it cool instead of coming off so cocky when he pulls off a win. He thanks her for the advice and then he cam talks about winning this comp and getting safety. Swaggy has this idea of trying to strike a deal with Angela and have them keep each other safe, but she tells him that she is saving her platform. He plays it cool and says “okay, we can just keep our platforms safe”

Swaggy C and Angela are now going head to head in a comp called BB Web and the winner will be given the power to keep eight people safe. They are standing on moving platforms and the one who lasts the longest will win the power! Every time a webpage comes up on the screens around them they have to dodge things coming at them. Doors, targets, chopping blocks and twisty things. In the end, Swaggy C pulls off the win!

Swaggy C has to pick two of the move-in groups to save. I’m assuming he will pick his own which will save him, Rachel, Brett, and Rockstar, but who will the other four be? What happened to Sam and Kaycee? Chris is sitting with each group trying to figure out who he is going to save. He told Angela that he was going to save her, but she also told him before the comp that she wasn’t going to save his group.

We still have no idea what happened to Kaycee and Sam and then all of a sudden…..Kaycee comes in wearing this rainbow unitard and JC tells her that she is like the “gay fairy godmother.” It’s pretty fabulous! Apparently, the unitard’s wheel is a pinwheel of doom which Julie will explain shortly. Then all of a sudden, Sam’s voice comes out of this robot that was in the kitchen.

Julie calls them all into the living room. She tells the HGs that Kaycee’s punishment is the pinwheel of doom and when the pinwheel turns, she has to stay in the room she is currently in until it stops. This could affect her social game a lot. Sam is currently a robot and when they announce “robot offline” she goes to the diary room and returns as herself and when they say “robot online” she goes back to the diary room and becomes the robot again.

We end the episode off with Swaggy C telling us who he is saving this week. The eight HGs he chose are himself, Rockstar, Brett, Rachel, Faysal, Kaycee, Hayleigh, and Scottie. Julie tells us that the next big twist is the BB App Store. You can go to to find out how to vote for your favorite HG!

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