Tonight we continue the two-night premiere for Big Brother 20! We will watch as the 16 HGs battle it out in the first HOH competition of the summer and find out who gets nominated! Don’t want to wait to find out who won HOH? Find out who reportedly won right here! Don’t want to wait to find out who is on the block? Get our unconfirmed spoilers here!

Big Brother 20 Preview Episode 2 - Part 2 of the BB20 Premiere!

After last night’s premiere of Big Brother 20, eight HGs are safe and two are being punished. Which HG is in the most danger? Find out what I think right here!

With eight HGs safe from eviction thanks to Swaggy C’s win last night on Big Brother 20, the choices for nominations are going to be slim. The eight HGs that won’t be on the block tonight are Swaggy C, Rockstar, Brett, Rachel, Faysal, Kaycee, Haleigh, and Scottie.

With Kaycee being punished with the Pinwheel of Doom until live eviction, her social game would have taken a pretty big hit. This is because when the pinwheel around her neck starts spinning she has to stay in the room she is in until it stops. Needless to say, her being safe this week is really going to help her out.

Sam, however, isn’t so lucky. She is also being punished this week but in a very different way. She is a robot in the Big Brother house, literally. The robot that was in the kitchen came to life last night and Sam’s voice came out of it. She is able to see and hear everything going on around her, but who wants to talk game to a robot?

She does have the perk of being able to be herself during this punishment though. When they announce “robot offline” through the house, she can go to the diary room and come back out as herself, but when they announce “robot online” she has to go back to the diary and become her robot self.

These punishments are not going to make game talk easy, but for Sam, it’s pretty important to win the HOH comp. I think that her game is going to be in the most danger this week, but we will see how it plays out! Make sure you come back tonight for the second part of the Big Brother 20 premiere event starting tonight at 9/8c on CBS.

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