She After the nominations were in place, the Big Brother HGs still had no idea there was another twist in the game coming at them. Tonight we will watch as Julie tells them all about this new twist that could really effect their game. Keep reading to find out what we have to look forward to tonight on Big Brother 20!

Big Brother 20 Preview: Episode 3- BB App Store Reveal


We will find out who got the punishment and who got the power this week on Big Brother 20. Some of you may already know because of our Big Brother spoilers, but tonight we will get some more information as to how these punishment and powers work. 

We will start off right after the Big Brother 20 nomination ceremony where Tyler sent Steve and Sam-Bot to the chopping block. Then things are bound to get a little crazy in the Big Brother house when Julie tells the HGs about this twist.

As a reminder, the HG that is trending at the end of the voting period every week will receive a power, or advantage. The HG that receives the least number of votes during the voting period will receive a punishment, or a disadvantage.

This week we will not only find out which HGs they are, but we will get all the details about the power or punishment they have received. If you have been keeping up with my Big Brother 20 spoilers, then you already know who they are and what the powers and punishments are, however, we are still unsure of how this week’s power works. Tonight, we will find that out!

With the way that this week’s schedule seems to be playing on in the shows, we shouldn’t have the POV comp air until Wednesday, if you missed out on who won the POV comp, you can find out right here! This will then line up with the first eviction happening on the Live show which is set to happen this Thursday at 9/8c.

Make sure you come back tonight for my full live recap of tonight’s brand new episode of BB20 right here on Big Big Brother.

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