Earlier today we had the feeds go down for a while so that the Big Brother HGs could find out if they were given a power or a Crap-App this week by America. We now know which HGs got the Power App for this week and which HG got the Crap-App this week. Keep reading to find out who they are!

This is the final week for the BB App Store and with Fessy and Rachel already serving their Crap-App consequences, that leaves one more to go. There are now three Power Apps in play, find out which of the lucky HG got the final Power App and which not so lucky HG got the Crap-App right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

As we all know and have watched, Fessy was the unlucky Hamazon recipient and Rachel had some pretty terrible Yell! Reviews this past week. So who is the unlucky HG this week? Well, that would be Haleigh, however, Angela was not far behind her on the least trending list according to our Reddit source.

Sam has the week one perk that gives her or the HG of her choosing the chance to come back into the game if evicted. This power is only good for this week and if it isn’t used this week, it will be automatically put into play after next week’s eviction.

Tyler received last week’s perk that allows him the ability to sit on a cloud and avoid being nominated at a nomination ceremony or a POV Ceremony if he thinks the might be in danger. This perk lasts up to 8 weeks from the time he received it.

This week, the lucky HG to receive the Power App is Bayleigh. She told Fessy that she chose the Identity Theif App. This App is good until F8 and allows Bayleigh to supersede that week’s HOH’s nominations. The HOH won’t know until it’s time to reveal the noms and then the other faces will show up instead. But, the HOH will still control the POV renom, if that happens that week.

There you have it folks, all the Power Apps and Crap-Apps for the season are done! Stay tuned for our nomination spoilers coming soon!

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