After the live eviction took place tonight in the Big Brother house, the remaining HGs started to battle it out in this week’s endurance HOH comp. Keep refreshing this page and follow along with our Big Brother spoilers right here for all the details of tonight’s HOH comp! 

In this comp, the HGs will have to hold onto their tree stumps and the last HG standing will be the new HOH! Stay tuned for all the details right here and make sure to refresh this page frequently to make sure you get all the details as they come! When the feeds came back after the live show, all the HGs were still standing on their stumps.

At 7:15 pm BBT, all the HGs are still standing on their stumps. None of them are complaining yet even though they are all being sprayed with water and the wall is tilting. They are all still looking pretty solid. They have all gotten pelted with feathers at this point too, including Scottie who is sitting on the sideline. Rockstar is the first of the HGs to fall at 7:18 pm BBT. She is clearly upset, she wanted to do better for her alliance and she is telling Scottie she is sorry.

Rockstar yells from the sidelines, “Everybody but Brett, you’re doing awesome!” She’s a little upset I’d say. At 7:23 pm BBT, Fessy was the second to fall off his stump. At 7:26 pm BBT, Brett falls and Rockstar cheers! Bayleigh is down also seconds later. 7:33 pm BBT, Angela falls and then Rachel falls next. Feeds cut for a few minutes and when they come back Tyler, Sam, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, JC, and Kaycee are all still standing.

At 7:42 pm BBT, Haleigh falls off. At 7:45 pm BBT, JC is down. Tyler, Sam, Kaitlyn, and Kaycee are still standing. Everyone on the sidelines is cheering the remaining HGs on. Kaitlyn and Kaycee both fell at 7:53 pm BBT and Sam tells Tyler to jump down for her! He tells her one more tilt! She promises him she won’t put him up if he just jumps down. She is screaming “Jump down, Tyler!”

Tyler jumps down and Sam is our new HOH!

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Remember, Sam’s power app is only a chance that the evictee will get back into the house. From what I have heard, the evictee will have to do some kind of puzzle under a time limit and if they can succeed, they will re-enter the house. However, if they don’t then out the door they go. Sam will still play this week to get her target out, who that it we will find out over the course of the next few hours! Stay tuned for noms some time tomorrow and my live feeds recap in the morning!

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