After another HG was sent to the Jury house on Big Brother 20, the remaining HGs started to battle it out in an endurance comp. Unfortunately, we couldn’t watch the whole competition play out on television, but the remainder of the comp played out on the Big Brother live feeds. Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to find out who the HOH is for week 8 of Big Brother

This is the classic slip n slide comp where they have to transfer “rave fuel” from one side to the other and fill a tube at the other end. There is also a smaller tube that will award the HG with $5000 if they choose to try for it. The first HG with to fill larger tube and remove the ping pong ball from it will win HOH.

We are waiting patiently for the feeds to come back up with the HOH competition. I’ll have updates as soon as they come back up. When the feeds come back up it looks like Fessy might have a slight lead over the others. Tyler, Scottie and Angela aren’t too far behind though. Everyone seems to be staying on their feet for the most part too.

Fessy and Scottie are leading the pack, but there is still a lot of time for others to catch up. Angela and Tyler are not too far behind, but JC seems to have given up pretty early on. Haleigh even asks him if he did and he tells her “kinda.” The comp continues and Fessy starts to take a pretty good lead. He is the green tube, Tyler is the yellow, Scottie is the pale yellow and Brett is the dark blue tube.

After a few more trips back and forth, Fessy wins this week’s HOH! Lucky for Tyler, Fessy doesn’t see him as a target, but Fessy’s showmance partner does. This could be a week where Tyler is forced to use his cloud power app. We will find out what Fessy’s plans are with his noms tomorrow!

Make sure you check back tomorrow morning for a full recap of tonight’s live feeds!

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