We have officially entered week 9 of Big Brother 20 and another HG has been evicted and sent to the Jury House to join Bayleigh and Rockstar. If you missed who it was, you can get all the details right here! In the meantime, it is time for this week’s HOH comp! Keep refreshing this page to get our Big Brother spoilers on who won this week’s HOH! 

In this HOH, the HGs will be going through pieces of candy for tokens, they will use these tokens to get balls to roll down a beam with obstacles. If their ball falls off the beam it will land in a number and at the end of an hour time limit, the HG with the highest score or the HG who gets their ball in the cup at the end will win HOH. If their ball falls, they can decide to try for a higher score or keep the score they have. They can trade the tokens to other HGs if they choose. I will have all the details as soon as the feeds come back up!

7:48 pm BBT – For some unknown reason, the feeds have not come back up. I will have results for you as soon as they are available.

8 pm BBT – We got an update from out Twitter leak:

The first broken prop was fixed and then there was a second broken prop. After that, a third prop broke and the HOH comp was stalled again. The feeds have been down this entire time and I am getting all my information from out Twitter source. Stay tuned for results, I promise I will have them sooner or later.

8:56 pm BBT – The feeds came back and Angela was wearing the HOH key around her neck!

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