We have gotten leaked information about who was evicted during the taping of the special eviction episode of Big Brother 20. We also got information about who won the HOH and now we have information about who they nominated for eviction! Get all the details below with our Big Brother spoilers.

Sam is on her way to the jury house and now it’s time to find out who might be following her. With JC winning his first comp of the season tonight and currently in the HOH this go around, L6’s plan to get him out this round is not going to happen. However, JC’s plan to split up Kaycee and Angela might happen. While all the information we have gotten tonight is reports from a leaker, the leaker has been very accurate all season long.

Here is who JC nominated according to our favorite Twitter leaker, Vegas.

Nominations for Final 4 are:

  • Angela
  • Tyler

JC winning the HOH really threw this game for a loop, but as we all know, the only thing that matters in this round of comps is the Power Of Veto. Whoever wins the POV will be the only person voting in this next eviction on Thursday. Who are you hoping wins the POV and is guaranteed a spot in the F3 alongside JC? Who do you want to see evicted on Thursday night? Let me know!

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