There was a lot of back and forth about on the Big Brother live feeds about who Kaitlyn was going to be targeting this week on Big Brother 20. Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to find out which two HGs found themselves on the chopping block.

Kaitlyn has some conversations with Tyler and Rockstar on the Big Brother 20 live feeds. Keep reading to find out what was said and who Kaitlyn ended up nominating for eviction on Big Brother below!

This morning, Tyler revealed to Kaitlyn that Sam had last week’s power app. After that, Kaitlyn told Tyler who she was planning to target this week. She talked about putting Scottie and Winston up and then having whoever wins the veto use it to take down Scottie. She would then renom Swaggy and he would be her true target.

This sounded like a great plan to Tyler and I’m sure it sounds like a great plan to most fans as well, however, is this what Kaitlyn is actually planning?

After her conversation with Tyler, she talked with Rockstar. She tells Rockstar that she was planning on putting Scottie and Winston up, Scottie being a pawn and then if the veto is used to pull Scottie down, she would then renom Angela and she would be Kaitlyn’s target.

Right before the feeds went down, Kaitlyn and Tyler were talking about who Kaitlyn wants to see go home the most, between Winston and Scottie and she tells him “Winston. I don’t know. I keep forgetting what side I’m on. Probably Scottie, I guess.” Also told him she didn’t want to cross that bridge yet. She is clearly not as good at playing both sides of the house as Tyler was.

The feeds went down for the nomination ceremony and when they came back we found out that Scottie and Winston were in fact put up on the block. Right before the feeds went down, we also found out that Rachel has the Crap-App this week, but there has been no comfirmation as to who has the Power App this week.

What do you think of the nominations? There is a backdoor plan in the works, but we will see what actually happens throughout the week. Do you think if one of these two went home this week it would better Kaitlyn’s game? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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