Today we found out who got the Crap-App and the Power App from the BB App Store today on the Big Brother 20 live feeds and now we know who the HOH has put on the block this week. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out this week’s nominations!

Scottie has been talking about evening the playing field this week and wanted to put two of the L6 alliance members on the block. Tyler and other HGs in the house have been trying to talk him out of it. Did Scottie listen to them? Or go with his gut? Find out below!

The feeds went down for nominations and when they came back everything appeared to go according to Scottie’s plan this week. Regardless of the number of HGs telling him he should go after Rockstar, Scottie decided to go ahead and nominate Winston and Brett for eviction this week.

Scottie has a back up nominee this week with Kaitlyn going up in case one of the bros comes down. Kaitlyn offered to go up as a pawn if need be and Scottie might put her up as a pawn, but she better hope that Scottie doesn’t figure out that she was the vote that sent his friend Steve out of the Big Brother house.

Stay tuned for the POV spoilers tomorrow as they will be picking players and playing the POV comp tomorrow at some point. What do you think of Scottie’s decision to put the Bros on the block?

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