With a new HOH in the Big Brother 20 house, the first thing we start to get antsy about is who they are going to put on the block for the week. Well I have the answer to that for you right here with our Big Brother spoilers! If you want to know who is on the block this week, all you have to do is keep reading! 

On the Big Brother 20 live feeds yesterday, Bayleigh was talking about putting Brett and JC up next to each other and then having Scottie for a renom option. However, Bayleigh’s plan differed a little bit when it came time to naming her nominees this week.

The Week 5 Nominees Are:

  • Brett
  • Rachel

It looks like Bayleigh swayed away from putting JC on the block. Bayleigh reiterated to Sam that Brett was her target this week, but while talking to Rachel, she mentioned that Brett was her target and then switched it to Scottie being her target. My guess is that if someone comes down with the POV, Scottie will still be a renom choice.

What do you think of Bayleigh’s plan of putting Brett and Rachel next to each other? Yes that means that if noms stay the same, that’s one less number for that side of the house, however, it also gives them more players in the POV comp. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow during the picking of the players and the POV comp, things have the potential to get very interesting if Bayleigh really does have the opportunity to renom Scottie.

Also want to add that Bayleigh told Rachel about her power, Rachel then went and told Angela about the power.

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