With Haleigh in the HOH room this week on Big Brother 20 and the Hacker Comp still in play, things could end up being pretty interesting in the Big Brother house this week. Haleigh had been going back and forth about what she was going to do with her nominations today and now we know what she decided! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out who Haleigh put up for her week 7 nominations! 

This week Haleigh mentioned that her goal this week was to BD Tyler and she knows if she puts Tyler up, he will have a chance to play in the Veto and take himself down. Therefore, Haleigh decided that the smartest move would be to put up….

The Week 7 Nomination Results are:

  • Kaycee
  • Angela

With Kaycee and Angela on the block this week, there is still a chance that Tyler could be BD’d. Haleigh did tell Scottie earlier that Tyler wasn’t even her biggest concern anymore. Scottie had talked to her about feeling off about Sam and the way that she’s been acting lately, but Haleigh wanted to wait to feel out the situation for a bit before possibily making a move on her later.

Stay tuned for the Hacker Comp results and find out if Angela or Kaycee will be replaced by the Hacker!

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