POV players have been picked on Big Brother 20 and the HOH crew seems a little worried about the what could happen if one HG in particular wins it. Keep reading my Big Brother 2018 Spoilers fo find out who will be playing in the POV comp!

Big Brother 20 Spoilers Power of Veto Players - Week 1

We all know that Tyler, Sam and Steve are in, but who will be joining them in the Power of Veto comp? We have that information for you right here!!

The three HGs that are joining in on the POV comp along side Tyler, Sam and Steve are Scottie, Swaggy C, and Faysal. JC is hosting the POV comp!

There is a lot of chatter about the possibility of the HOH crew throwing it to Steve which will end up putting Sam up against a renom. The renom will most likely be Bayleigh which would be pretty bad for Sam. It is pretty clear that Scottie would use the POV to take Steve down because of how close they have been since entering the BB20 house.  Faysal and Swaggy both know that Bayleigh is the renom choice and have already told Steve that they will not use it to take him down so that Bayleigh is put up. Tyler explains to Steve that unless everyone in the house is lying to him, Steve is not going home this week and Sam will if they are both left up there.

Sam needs to win this POV comp is she has any plans of staying in the house this week. Also, we still don’t know who has the power for this week. That can possibly throw a monkey wrench in the plan of getting Sam out this week.  What do you think of the plan to keep Steve in the house? JC, Kaycee and Angela all seem to want to find a way to keep Sam in the house, but can they pull out the numbers?

Stay tuned for the results of the POV comp which I’m assuming will come a little later today!

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