This week has been an interesting one inside the Big Brother 20 house. Angela has won the HOH and had named her noms, but after the Hacker comp, one of those noms were changed. The Hacker also had the chance to name one of the POV players this week. Find out who the players are right here with our Big Brother spoilers

The Hacker has the chance to name one of the POV Players this week and when the feeds come back we found out:

Power of Veto Players for Week 6 are:

  • Angela (HOH)
  • Tyler and Rockstar (Noms)
  • Kaycee, Brett and Scottie

Based on the talks inside the house it sounds like the Hacker (Haleigh) named Kaycee as their player for the Veto. With four of the L6 alliance members playing in the POV and Scottie who has already told Tyler he would save him, it looks like Tyler has a pretty good chance to be saved by the POV this week.

What do you think of this? Kaycee has clearly kept a low profile as far as who she is working with because if Haleigh knew that Kaycee was one of Tyler’s alliance members, she wouldn’t have picked her. This also allows Haleigh to stay under the radar because no one would expect her to pick Kaycee as her POV player. Kaycee not winning a comp this season could also be part of the reasoning.

Make sure you come back later today for the POV Comp results right here!

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