Although the Big Brother 20 live feeds should be returning in a couple hours, we have had some more information leaked! We have reports about who has won the F4 POV and who will be the sole voter tomorrow night on Big Brother 20! Are you ready to find out? Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers below!

Things have been a little crazy since the HGs were surprised by an early eviction yesterday, which aired tonight. After Sam was sent packing and JC won the HOH, there were reports that L6 were instantly regretting not taking JC out Tuesday night. However, it’s too late for the woulda, shoulda, couldas and now with Angela and Tyler sitting on the block and the POV winner being the only one to vote tomorrow night, it was do or die.

Thanks to Vegas, our favorite (and always accurate) Twitter Leaker, we now know who won the Power of Veto this round and secured a spot in the F3 alongside JC.

The F4 POV Winner Is:

  • Kaycee

Who will Kaycee vote to evict tomorrow night? Will it be Tyler or Angela? Tyler and Kaycee have had a solid F2 deal since the beginning, but Kaycee and Angela have been close the whole season too.

Kaycee has a good chance of winning against both Tyler and Angela in the end, but who gives her the better chance at the grand prize? This is going to be a tough decision for Kaycee and we will find out what she does tomorrow night on Big Brother 20!

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