After finding out who the POV players were for this week’s comp on Big Brother 20, we spent most of the day waiting around for the comp to start. Now that the Big Brother 20 live feeds are back up, we know who the winner of this week’s POV Comp is! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out! 

After just over 4 hours of the Big Brother 20 live feeds being down, the feeds come back and we see Kaycee wearing the POV Medallion. Based on the chats in the house it sounds like the comp this week was BB Comics because they are all talking about the differences in the pictures. Brett also talks about how he messed up by making fun of all the jury members while looking through their pictures.

Based on this win it looks like the noms will be staying the same this week and Haleigh and Sam will be on the block come Thursday. However this is a DE week and anything could happen! Even though Haleigh is the target this week, there is still plenty of time for Sam to annoy enough HGs to end up out next unless she happens to win the HOH during DE. That could possibly make this DE interesting.

Are you happy with these results? Were you hoping for a different outcome? Let me know in the comments below!

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