With the Big Brother 20 live feeds not going live until after Thursday’s episode, we have very few spoilers to offer, however, even a few is better than none! Keep reading to find out what we have heard about Wednesday’s premiere episode of Big Brother 2018!

Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Spoilers From Premiere Taping!

The premiere of Big Brother 20 was recorded in front of a live, studio audience the other day and as people would suspect, the information is getting out. So what do we know about Wednesday night’s premiere of Big Brother? Find out right here! 

We all know that there is a “First-In” curse in Big Brother and according to some people on social media, the first person that entered the Big Brother 20 house was Bayleigh Dayton.

We all know that the HOH comp usually takes place right after the HGs enter the house, unfortunately we don’t have any spoilers on the outcome of that comp because the studio audience was escorted out before it got started. This is starting to cause a bit of speculation due to the late arrival of return HGs in previous seasons, but we will have to wait until Wednesday to find out what happened in the house after the audience was escorted out.

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Do you have any early favorites based on their bios or interviews with Ross Mathews? Just 5 more days until the Big Brother 20 premiere! Are you ready? I know I am!

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